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October 2016


Shocking New Report Highlights Awful Issues Nurses Are Facing

A new report on the well-being of nurses, health care assistants and midwives has uncovered some shocking statistics that can’t be ignored. Cavell Nurses’ Trust, a charity which have been supporting nurses since 1917, spoke to over 2,200 staff covering issues on financial hardship and deprivation, domestic abuse, health, illness, well-being and employment. The results are quite difficult to take in. Key findings 42.5% of nursing professionals have a physical or mental health condition expected to last…

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How Good a Nurse Are You? – Quiz

Nurses make up the largest part of the NHS workforce, at just under 30%. But how good is your nursing knowledge? Take our quiz, let us know your score on Facebook and SHARE THE QUIZ WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES to see who gets the best score! Have you signed up to our NHS discounts scheme yet? Register today it’s FREE!