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September 2018

Money Saving Tips

Protect Yourself from the Energy Price Rise this October

Protect yourself from the energy price rise this October. The time to switch your energy provider is now. The wholesale prices that energy companies pay are on the rise; this means that your domestic prices will go up during your next billing period. You will also see exclusive energy deals end this October due to price hikes. That’s why our Head of Partnerships, Luke Ince, has created a special NHS Energy Switch deal for our members. He tells…

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Help Nurses in Need

Our healthcare workers push themselves the extra mile – it’s the reason we exist. We want to help nurses in need and we need you! They might be our heroes but we also know that healthcare workers are only human and sometimes they need support. That’s why we, the Health Service Discounts team, are going the extra mile uphill to conquer Snowden – the highest mountain in Wales – for Cavell Nurses’ Trust. For 4 years we have been…

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Top 5 NHS Job Interview Tips and Typical Questions

The best way to reduce that fear of the unknown is to get prepared. We’ve had a look at the top 5 NHS job interview tips and typical questions you may encounter. Job interviews don’t have to be daunting. It’s natural to have a healthy amount of nerves when being asked to perform under pressure. The tips below will orientate you to perform well at interview. Time to get organised!   1. Build a strong argument for why…

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Best Outfits for Day to Night in Women’s Fashion

We’ve searched our listed discounts to bring you the best outfits for day to night in Women’s fashion. Sometimes you need to seamlessly transition from one environment to another. Whether you need to go from AM to PM or desk to disco, we’re got you covered. Save the outfit changes and go straight to Supergirl with our links to discounts at Topshop, ASOS, and Amazon. If you follow the link at the end of the post you’ll find…

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Discounts Travel

Top 5 NHS Staff Deals and Discounts for September

Here’s our top 5 NHS staff deals and discounts for September in travel, fashion and mobile data. Can you believe it’s September already? Time to refresh that wardrobe and beat the blues with a trip somewhere unexpected! Booking a holiday is a great way to give yourself something new to look forward to. Roaming the world should be easy with our exclusive SIM deal with 4GB of data. Let’s go! Eurocamp – Up to 30% NHS discount 13…

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