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The Ultimate Guide to Better Sleep After a Night Shift

Do you struggle to sleep well after a night shift?

Have you tried everything but nothing will work for you?

Working a night shift in the NHS is tough and it can really take its toll on you, both physically and mentally. It completely throws your body clock out of sync and it can be very difficult to readjust. All you want to do is pull the covers over your head and kick out some well-earned ZZZ’s.

But you’re forgetting one crucial thing – you work in the NHS and there’s no time to rest!

That’s why we’ve put together our ultimate tips to help you get better sleep after a night shift.

1. Choose your tactics wisely

There’s two ways to attack post night shift sleep – ‘All-in’ or ‘Break it down’. Some of you might be lucky enough to switch off straight away and fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. Others might need to take a different approach and break your sleep down into two, three hour chunks. Try both options and figure out which one suits you best.

2. Don’t just lie there

There’s no point lying in bed for the sake of it, trying to force sleep after a night shift. In fact, it can have the opposite effect. You end up sitting there, staring at the ceiling, becoming increasingly frustrated that you can’t drift off, and sending your brain into overdrive. Get up for 20 minutes, have a glass of water, then get yourself back to bed. This will help to take your mind off everything and help you doze off into a beautiful slumber.

3. Get comfy

It’s important that your comfy levels are at a maximum once you get into bed after your night shift, and a good quality mattress is key to this. Choosing a mattress that provides the right level of support and comfort will help to prevent back problems and will help you get a relaxing sleep, so you’re refreshed ready for another shift. Beds and mattresses can be quite expensive, but NHS staff can currently get 10% off online with our NHS discount code at Bensons for Beds. You could even find the bed or mattress which suits you at your local store, then buy it online through our website and save 10%.

4. Put your phone away

Whatever you do, don’t get into bed and start playing on your phone after a night shift. According Harvard academic Professor Charles Czeisler, artificial light can actually stimulate and ‘fool’ the brain into staying awake. Playing on games or checking your Facebook can make you more alert, which is the exact opposite of what you’re trying to do. Put your phone down, your hundreds of friend requests can wait a few hours.

5. Stay off the caffeine

Don’t drink any caffeine throughout the second half of your night shift. Caffeine might help you get through the final few hours, but if you continue to drink it then it will affect you when you get home. Have your caffeine fix in the first half, then stick to water to get you over the finish line and ready for bed.

6. Clear your path

A good tip to avoid any clumsy accidents – there’s nothing worse than trying to find the toilet when you’re half asleep and you stub your toe. Clear the path of any shoes, clothing, kids toys, or anything else that might come back to haunt you later, leaving you with a clear path to get the toilet if nature comes calling.

Do you have any more tips that have helped you get better sleep after a night shift?




Easter Savings with NHS Discounts

Have you got some time off this Easter?

Need some inspiration for fun, family activities or breaks?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Keeping your children entertained over the Easter holidays can be quite expensive, especially if you’re planning on taking a short break or going to a few attractions. That’s why we’ve been working hard to help you out and bring you some fantastic NHS discounts to save you money.

Here’s a few popular deals that are sure to make this Easter one to remember.

Harry Potter Tour

Enjoy a magical family day out at the Harry Potter Studio Tour and get 10% NHS discount. Your children will love exploring the magnificent Great Hall and see the original sets, including: the Gryffindor boys dormitory, common room, potions classroom and Hagrid’s Hut. You can also visit two soundstages, a backlot filled with original sets and see some breath-taking special effects.

Theme Parks

Theme parks aren’t just for the kids, they’re great fun for adults too! Take your pick from great theme parks, such as Alton Towers, Legoland, Chessington World of Adventures and Thorpe Park and make the most of our brand new NHS discount codes for 2016.

Theatre Breaks

Take a trip to the capital and save 10% off the best shows from the West End with our Theatre Breaks deal. Renowned for putting on a great performance, there’s a fantastic choice of fabulous shows, including Disney’s The Lion King, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda the Musical, to name a few.


When you think of family fun breaks in the UK, Butlins is one of the first places that springs to mind. With so much to do it’s guaranteed to be a hit, and not just with the kids. You can get an extra £20 off all bookings with this NHS discount.

Go Ape

What better way to spend your Easter Holidays than flying through the trees on a zip wire? Go Ape is the UK’s no.1 outdoor forest adventure, and it’s seriously fun. Enjoy award-winning outdoor activities, including Tree Top Adventure, Forest Segways for less with a 10% off NHS discount.


If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, you can save 10% off your bookings on over 5,000 UK and European hotels with this NHS discount. Choose from to independent hotels, with options to add rail travel, theatre, concerts and sightseeing tickets to your break.

Register for free today and start saving money on your Easter holiday activities with your NHS discount.


Don’t Miss Out On Your Favourite Holiday Destination

Are you dreaming of lying on the beach with an ice cold drink at your favourite holiday destination?

Not got round to booking it yet?

There’s no need to panic just yet, but ABTA are recommending that you book early this year due to a surge in holiday bookings to the Western Mediterranean.

New figures from GfK’s Leisure Travel Monitor (LTM) has shown a 6% increase in summer holiday bookings to this part of the world. This is mainly down to traditional holiday hotspots, like as Tunisia and Egypt, losing popularity following recent terrorist attacks.

Portugal tops the table with a 32% increase in popularity, Spain closely behind with a 27% increase, followed by Malta 15% and Cyprus 14%. Other popular destinations include Greece, USA, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

If any of these countries were on your list, then it might be wise to push your booking plans ahead before it’s too late.

Here are some important points to consider when your booking your summer holiday for 2016:

Don’t dilly-dally


You don’t want to be left disappointed and miss out on your favourite destination because you left it too late. You don’t want to have to pay over the odds either. Figure out where you want to go, then get it booked.

Use your NHS Discount

NHS Discounts

You can save some valuable pennies using your NHS discount. Jet2Holidays have a great deal on at the moment which allows you to use NHS discount on top. If you’re booking flights separately, then make the most of NHS discounts from Superbreak or Expedia.

ATOL protected

Missed flight

Make sure you check that your holiday is ATOL protected when you book it, so that you’re covered in case anything goes wrong. It could end up saving you a lot of money and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We’ve got loads of fantastic deals on holidays, UK breaks, cottage getaways and much more. Take a look at our Travel offers and save money today!