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How to Spoil Your Partner This Valentine’s Without Spending a Fortune

Having the perfect Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune on your partner.

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate your romance and make your other half feel special. It shouldn’t matter how much money you spend as long as you are together… but a nice present certainly goes a long way.

Remember, the simplest things can go a long way in your relationship.

So, if you’re struggling to think of something amazing, keep reading and we’ll help you make this Valentine’s Day your best one yet.

Listen Out for Clues and Ideas

Valentine's Day Ideas

One of the best things to do throughout your relationship is to listen.

Make a mental note of all the key things your significant other mentions, write them down if you need to but make sure they don’t find it.

Anything you pick up can help you come up with present ideas. Then the next time a celebration comes up, you already have a ready-made, super-cool ideas list that will blow your partner away.

You can also ask family or friends for ideas. Your partner may have mentioned something to them recently that they might not have told you; somewhere they would love to go, an activity they would like to try, or a gift that they’ve had their eye on.

Make sure you can 100% trust who you ask so they won’t spill the beans. If you think they might slip ip, then don’t ask them.


Have a Reasonable Budget in Mind

I know you probably think your partner deserves the world and it would be nice to have the spare cash to spoil them rotten.

Unfortunately, for most of us we simply can’t afford to, so it’s important that you to yourself a reasonable budget.….

A clever idea if you don’t want to spend a lot is to agree a budget with your partner that you won’t exceed and you both must stick to it.

This can be quite fun, and you’ll be surprised how far your money will stretch.


Let’s Get Planning

The amount of planning needed depends on what you’ve decided to do.

time to figure out what to do for your perfect Valentine’s Day. There are endless possibilities and it can be hard to figure out what suits you best.

I have compiled a breakdown of some ideas to impress your loved one.


Surprise Them with a Holiday

Surprise Valentine's Holiday

A holiday is a huge surprise and is a wonderful gift for your loved one.

You need to do a lot of planning and saving to pull off the perfect holiday as a Valentine’s Day surprise, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be achieved.

Thinking of going

There are some great discounts available to NHS and healthcare staff on romantic breaks. There are so many destinations that are associated with romance, Paris, Rome, and many more.

If you looking to escape on a romantic retreat, then Superbreak might have just what you are looking for. Not only do they have an exclusive 10% NHS discount, but they have also added discounts for theatre, concert, and sightseeing tickets.

If you just want to explore a UK city, you can get a great saving on hotels then you can get up to 40% off and 10% extra NHS discount on over 70,000 hotels with our offer.


An Active Day Out

A day out can be just as special as a holiday.

There are 100’s of things you can choose for a special day out. Go for an adrenaline-fueled day at their favourite theme park; challenge them to a few games of bowling followed by some fun in the arcade; go for a romantic, wintery boat ride in the local park. The possibilities are endless.


A Romantic Day/Night Out

You can book a meal at their favourite restaurant or try somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go to but not got around to it.

During the day you could go for a woodland walk or perhaps visit your favourite city/ town. Take them shopping and let them pick out that one thing they’ve been eyeing up.

No matter how you decide to be romantic, they will appreciate the effort.


Special Experience Days

Romantic Meal

Do you want to really impress your significant other? Of course, you do!

Experience days are a fantastic idea for a Valentine’s Day gift. There are so many activities to choose from that will show you have really made an effort. Activities such as spa treatments, going to the theatre, afternoon tea, or perhaps something more daring like a hot air balloon or a track day experience.


A Cheap Date

Sometimes cheap dates are the best.

A trip to the fair to get some candy floss might sound like the perfect day to you while finishing it off with fish and chips on the promenade.

Just because it a cheap date doesn’t mean I can’t be romantic.

Another romantic idea is a drive-through movie if there’s one close to you. Pack your blankets, get cosy, and watch a great film. If it’s warm enough, you could even pack some munchies and have a late-night picnic looking up at the stars.


A Stay at Home Date

Stay at Home Date

If you don’t fancy going out this year you can still have the perfect day from the comfort of your own home.

Kick the day off with a special breakfast in bed and snuggle up for an extra-long lie in.

During the day, there are so many activities that you can do together that you wouldn’t normally get to do.

You could have a film day and make a blanket fort. Have a picnic in your living room with all your favourite foods. Bake a cake for dessert. Put some music on a have a laugh with a dance-off competition.

Spend the day like you have no responsibility and just have fun together.

Top the day off with the perfect evening and cook your partner their delicious meal. Ask them what they want or surprise them with something you’ll know they love. Light the candles, pop the wine open and put some love songs on.


Dress to Impress

Dress to Impress

Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together or your one hundred and first; you need to look good.

Making the effort counts and just because you know your partner loves you, doesn’t mean you should put just as much effort to look good as you would on your first date.


For men, there is no smarter option than a suit. This obviously depends on the type of venue that you’re going to, but a well-dressed man always impresses.

You can pick up a great suit at a fantastic price from Moss Bros. who are offering up to 50% off plus an extra 20% healthcare staff discount..

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the ladies. Every woman loves feeling beautiful. NHS and Healthcare staff can get up to 50% off plus an extra 10% off  a huge range of clothing at Dorothy Perkins, so you can pick out a show stopping new outfit.

What’s a new outfit without new makeup, right? You want to look perfect on the night, so a new coat of lipstick will go a long way.

You can pick up some bargains with our exclusive Benefit Cosmetics NHS  and healthcare discount and get a fabulous 10% off.

There no excuses if you’re having a stay at home date either! You could buy some matching pyjamas for a cosy night in, or if you’re cooking a meal at home you can still get glammed up in a new outfit. It will make things feel even more special.

Why don’t you check out Joules? You can get an exclusive 15% NHS and healthcare staff discount and save on everything from fancy outfits to cosy pyjamas and lounge wear.

No matter what your plans are, a new outfit never hurt anyone.


Choosing the Perfect Present

Valentine's Day Present

If you have got a big day planned out, the best way to start it is by giving your loved one presents and card.

Clintons have a huge range of cards and you can get up to 50% off sale and 22% off non-sale items with our discount code.

Cards aren’t the only thing they have to offer though. They have a whole section dedicated to valentine’s day gifts. Pick up some beautiful gifts such as candles, gift sets, mugs and teddies. There’s even the option to gift wrap anything you order.

Another great gift is perfume or aftershave. We have a great offer at Fragrance Direct from all your favourite brands, including Paco Rabanne, HUGO BOSS, Elemis, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs. They are offering up to off for healthcare staff. They also have a wide range of products including perfume, skin care, hair products, and electricals.


Spice Up Your Life

Romantic Date

Everyone knows Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to get passionate with your loved one.

Love honey have just what you need to put the cherry on top of your perfect day. They are offering up to 50% off sale and exclusive 20% healthcare staff discount.

They have a range of items to spice up your night. Surprise your partner by going the extra mile and knowing what makes them tick.


My Perfect Valentine’s Day

This is my idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day. Feel free to use this as a guide and change and adapt it to suit you.

Before Valentine’s Day:

  • Find out what your partner likes/wants.
  • Plan anything big first. e.g. holidays.
  • Order presents, flowers, and card.
  • Book any days off.

On the day:

  • Breakfast in bed. You know them the best. Cook their favourite breakfast, whether that’s a full English breakfast or fluffy pancakes and syrup. Go that extra mile to show them how much you love them.
  • Give them gifts, flowers and a card while in bed. Put effort into the card. A simple action can make a huge difference.
  • Tell your partner your plan for the day, unless you want to keep it as a surprise. Get them excited for the day you’ve planned.
  • Help them choose their outfit. You know what you have planned so help them pick out their outfit.
  • Time for your date. A cute stroll into town, a boat ride, shopping, going the theatre, or staying home and making the most of each other’s company.
  • After your exciting day, get your partner ready for the night you have planned.
  • Be on time for all reservations.
  • On the flipside, if you are staying at home make you set the table up to make it feel just as special.
  • After your long day, head home to chill out for the night.
  • Perhaps run your partner a hot bubble bath to help end the night right.
  • Lay out some new pyjamas.
  • Enjoy the rest of the night either cuddled up to your partner or have a night of passion that you won’t forget.

Valentine's Checklist

There is no budget too big or too small to show your partner how much you love them. Whether you stay in and make the most of each other’s company or you jet off for a city break abroad for a weekend of romance; as long as you can show them how much they mean to you, that’s is all that matters.

Spoil your partner in your own way. With love, with flowers, or with presents.

You know your relationship better than anyone else so make the most of every second on this special day.

It’s free to join our discounts scheme and you can start saving money with our offers straight away. Sign up for free today!

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Up Your Romance Game with These 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Shopping for someone special on Valentine’s Day can be a worrying time, especially if you’ve left everything to last minute!

It’s time to steer away from the traditional cliché gifts and show some appreciation to the one who sticks by you; through thick and thin.

Here’s our top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to help you push the boat out:


Travel Zoo NHS Discount

Spoil your loved one with a short getaway or day out. Choose from a range of activities that will certainly leave your partner overwhelmed with joy.

Deals include:

  • Spas
  • Restaurants
  • Activities
  • UK Short Breaks
  • Sightseeing
  • Afternoon Tea

Travelzoo are offering up to 60% off, plus an extra 5% off with our NHS discount.


Dower and Hall

Dower and Hall Discount

Indulge your other half with a stunning piece of jewellery to make them feel extra special.

Valentine’s Day is the only day in the year where you can truly express your love, so why not do it with elegance?

Save yourself a whopping 15% with Dower and Hall’s brand new discount.


Appleyard Flowers

Appleyard Flowers NHS Discount

Keeping it traditional? You can’t go wrong with a beautiful arrangement from Appleyard Flowers.

Surprise the special person in your life with a selection of phenomenal bouquets; including roses, daises and lilies.

To help you out, Appleyard Flowers are giving NHS & Healthcare staff a cheeky 20% off all flowers.


Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins NHS Discount

If nothing has tickled your fancy yet, this next offer certainly will.

Treat your significant other to a new dress or accessory so she’ll look as glamourous as she’ll feel.

Dorothy Perkins are hosting a huge up to 50% sale and are offering a 10% discount code for NHS.



Joules NHS Discount

You can’t go wrong with a gift from Joules. Their stand-out signature style and designs are sure to suit anyone’s tastes.

Shop for him or for her with a colossal range of clothing, footwear, accessories to choose from.

Grab yourself a bargain with Joules’ up to 30% off sale, and as an added benefit to all NHS staff, you’re entitled to a 15% discount too.

Don’t forget it’s free to join and free to use our discounts. Sign up today and start saving!

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How to Switch Your Energy and Save £100’s in a Few Easy Steps

Saving on your energy bills is one of the easiest ways to cut back monthly expenses but people who have never switched before might think it’s long and confusing process.

You will be surprised at how easy it is and how much money you could save.  With these simple steps, you could start saving £100’s. You only need a few things to get started and it only takes around ten minutes to complete the switch application.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start saving.

Who can switch their energy?

Switching your energy is quick and easy to do.

Most people can switch energy suppliers, but it’s best to check with your current supplier first if you will have to pay any early exit fees.

Take a look at this chart which should make it a bit clearer for you:


Information you need to switch

To make the process quicker you need to have your latest energy bill handy as this will contain pretty much all the information you need, including:

  • Personal details and postcode.
  • Your current gas and electricity supplier, and the name of your tariff.
  • How much you use in kilowatt hours (kWh) on gas and electricity. You can find this on your recent bills or the annual energy statement sent by your supplier.
  • Your bank details, if you decide to switch and wish to pay by direct debit.


How long does it take to switch?

It generally takes a few minutes to get a quote and around 10 minutes to complete the switch application.

Your energy switch should take no longer than 21 days to complete. Most switchovers will last 17 days. This also includes a 14-day cooling-off period.

Your supply will not be interrupted during the switchover. During this time, you can cancel your new plan.


Exit fees

Get in touch with your supplier to find out how long is left on your current tariff. If you’re choosing to switch early, you might have to pay an exit fee.

If you have 49 days or less until your plan expires, you can leave penalty-free.

It’s not as stressful as you may think!


Energy jargon to help you out

Dual Fuel plans usually offer discounts or incentives.


Which energy provider is best for you?

Do some research, look at reviews customers have left, look at what the company provides. This way you can confidently switch without any surprises.

To help you out, I did some research myself. The table below shows strengths and weaknesses of some of the most popular energy providers.

How does the NHS Energy Switch work?

Firstly, you need to register as a member with Health Service Discounts to be eligible to switch. Its free to join and free to use. Next, you need to go to the NHS Energy Switch page and click ‘Get Deal’.

How much can I save?

  • Save up to £458*
  • We have already saved over £10 million for our members.
  • Includes a FREE switching service.

Switching is simple with a free with our no-hassle switching service.

It has never been simpler or more cost-effective to switch energy suppliers; you could save £100s in just 10 minutes. Here’s our easy-to-follow guide.

Step 1: Click Get Deal

Step 2: Input your postcode

Step 3: Provide details about your current supplier(s)

Step 4: Run the comparison and choose the right deal for you

Step 5: Switch and start saving!


What happens after you’ve switched?

There will be no interruptions, regardless of which supplier you choose.

Don’t worry, you won’t have any workmen coming to your house to fit new pipes and cables. The only thing that changes is the company that bills you.

Your new energy supplier will contact your old supplier and agree on a switch over date.

If you’ve switched gas and electricity, the dates may be different for each. Don’t worry though, you will always receive your energy during this process.

You’ll receive a welcome pack and letter from your new supplier. This will outline what you’ve agreed to and provide details of your new tariff. You may also hear from your old supplier but the only thing you need to give them is your final meter reading to ensure you receive an accurate final bill.

What to do if you change your mind?

If you decide that you no longer want to switch your supplier, just contact your new supplier and let them know. You have a cooling off period of 14 days. In this time, they will be able to cancel the switch for you without interrupting your supply.

Switching your energy and cutting down your energy bills is one of the easiest and quickest ways to save some money.

Once you’ve signed up to our website, keep an eye on your emails from Health Service Discounts for more information about the new tariffs.

Have you used the NHS Energy Switch before? How much did you save? Let us know in the comments section below.

NHS Christmas Discounts

* Our switching partner compares all publicly available energy tariffs under the OFGEM Confidence Code. 10% of customers switching their gas and electricity bills with energyhelpline (and their partners) between 1st Jan 2017 and 1st Nov 2018 saved £458 or more.


Health Service Discounts Give a Helping Hand to a Healthcare Hero

We saw the recent news story in The Sun newspaper this week about an NHS worker who was hit with a large fine for overstaying in a car park after helping a man who had collapsed, and we decided that we wanted to help.

Margaret Kidson, who works at a health centre in south east London, received a £100 car parking fine for running over by 11 minutes, as a result of helping a man who had collapsed from an epileptic fit in the street. Margaret spent 20 minutes providing assistance to the gentleman before further support arrived.

We were sorry to hear that Margaret had been left out of pocket as a result of going beyond the call of duty, especially as we understand the hard work that health care professionals put in every day to look after our nation.

At Health Service Discounts, we pride ourselves on helping NHS and healthcare staff save money using our discounts, so to hear a story like this obviously grabbed our attention and we wanted to do something to show our appreciation for Margaret’s amazing efforts.

For us, good deeds should be rewarded. So, we decided to contact Margaret and offer her £100 worth of vouchers from M&S, one of our Cashback Card partners. We hope this will go a little way to encouraging more people to give back to their community and inspire more people to be a bit more Margaret.

Margaret was delighted to receive her vouchers, saying:

“I was totally appalled by the fact that tending to someone in an emergency did not qualify for exceptional circumstances for overstaying the parking time. It made me feel like not bothering to help anyone again but with the kindness given to me by Health Service Discounts it has restored my faith in humanity and I realise there are more kind people in the world than unkind.”

We’re just glad we could help.

Healthcare Discounts


5 Hottest Discounts For NHS & Healthcare Staff This February

January has finally found its end and the month of love is finally upon us; the perfect time to get a discount, right? We have carefully chosen the best discounts that will help you recover from your January relapse and reenergise for the month ahead.

These are our 5 top discounts for NHS & healthcare staff this February.


Halfords have a huge range of leisure equipment, car maintenance and car enhancement products.

Get yourself 7.5% off your next purchase with our much-loved discount for NHS & Healthcare staff.

You can download voucher which can be used in any of their 462 stores nationwide, get yours for free today!

Halfords Discounts

Spice up your valentine’s weekend without splashing out.

Live like royalty in a luxurious cottage surrounded by peace, tranquillity and beautiful scenery. are offering a 7% discount for NHS & Healthcare staff, so get booking your romantic getaway now. Discounts

Holiday Extras

Prepare yourself for a summer holiday in the right way; not leaving everything to last minute!

You can enjoy the sun without worrying about the expense.

Holiday Extras are offering up to 60% off airport parking, airport hotels, transfers and airport lounges. So, you can look forward to your holiday knowing all the extras are covered.

Holiday Extras Discounts

Life Search

Look after yourself and your loved ones, and make sure you’re covered if the worst were to happen with a life insurance policy suited to you.

We understand that it can be a complex process, but it can be made easy with Life Search!

Their friendly advisors provide you with free, unbiased, expert advice, plus you’ll get a whopping £50 cashback with your policy!

LifeSearch Discounts

O2 Open

If you’re in need of a new data plan, O2 have a fantastic discount that you don’t want to miss… The discounts available are:

25% off Airtime Plans with 3GB data and above
15% off Airtime Plans below 3GB

O2 Discounts

The offer page gives you all the details you need on how to redeem this discount.

Don’t forget, it’s free to join and free to use our discount scheme. Sign up today!