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Discounts Money Saving Tips

How to Claim a Discount and Save Money on our New Website

Claiming a discount has never been easier! Our brand-new website recently launched, and we’re delighted with it.

Not only does it look great, but its much easier for our members to use and claim a discount.

Here’s a quick guide to who you exactly how to sign in to your account, how to find the discount that you’re looking for, and how to claim a fantastic offer.


First of all, what’s new on our website?

There are some fantastic new features that we hope you love just as much as we do:

  • New branding: not only have we got a new website, but our branding has had a slick makeover too. New logo, new colours, even more amazing discounts.
  • More intelligent searches: we’ve added a powerful on-site search system that makes finding discount even faster. Simply start typing and the search tool instantly recognizes the brand you’re looking for.
  • Precise Recommendations: our new website can now recommend personalised discounts that we think you’ll love.
  • Improved navigation: upgraded, intuitive navigation makes the website’s performance much more efficient, allowing you to find the deals that you want much quicker.
  • Delivering content: the new website is now able to bring members key pieces of engaging content, news and guides.


How to sign in to your account

It’s really easy to sign in to your account and you can start saving money with our discounts as soon as you are registered.


If you’re using a mobile, click on the menu bar in the top left of your screen.

Homepage Menu


This will open the menu and you will see the Sign In button.


Sign In Button


Click on the button and it will ask for your Sign In details. Simply enter your email and the password that you chose when you registered with us.


Sign In Details


If you’ve forgotten your password, you can contact us on Customer Services or send us a message on social media and we can reset it for you.


Desktop, laptop or tablet:

If you’re using a desktop, laptop or tablet, the Sign In button is on the top right of your screen. Just like on mobile, enter your Sign In details to access your account.


Website Discounts


How to claim our discounts

If you haven’t claimed a discount yet, don’t worry it’s not complicated.

Once you find a discount that you like, click on the offer to open the page.

When you click Get Code button, our partner’s website will open in another tab.


Jet2holidays discount


You’ll also see the page below. Simply click ‘Copy Code’.


Jet2holidays voucher code


You can then open our partner’s page and make your purchase. At the checkout, simply paste the voucher code to claim the discount.




This is the same on desktop/laptop/tablet.

Not all offers are the same; some don’t require a voucher code and the prices shown include the discount.

Others may require you to claim the deal in-store or over the phone.

Don’t worry, there are instructions on the offer page that will explain this.


Don’t forget to look out for our emails and on our social media pages to keep up-to-date with all our latest and best discounts.

NHS Discount list banner


5 Hottest NHS & Healthcare Discounts This April

We’ve got tonnes of exciting, new NHS and healthcare discounts for our members this April, that are perfect to save you some money.

Spring is a great time to spend some quality time with your family, and as the weather turns milder it’s great to get out and have some fun.

You can pick up some great deals on things like eating out, mini-breaks, travel, or treats for yourself. These are our top picks for April, we hope you like them but don’t forget there are plenty more on our website!


Treat yourself to a relaxing break in a gorgeous lodge surrounded by peace and tranquillity. It’s also great for families, as there’s plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained. Hoseasons are currently hosting a Summer Sale, offering huge savings on cottages, as an added extra Health Service Discounts member can get up to 10% off bookings.


Virgin Trains

virgin trains
Take the train and save money on your commute to work. If you’re lucky enough to get a weekend off, take the train down to somewhere nice.Travel in style with Virgin Trains and get 20% off advance off peak fares.


Pizza Hut

pizza hut

Treat your family, friends or partner to a beautiful mouth-watering pizza from Pizza Hut. After all, who doesn’t love pizza! If you are a Health Service Discounts member, you are entitled to an exclusive 25% off food for NHS.


Ray Ban

ray ban

Getting ready the summer vibes? If so, essentials like sun glasses should be your priority. NHS & Healthcare workers can get a whopping 25% off sunglasses, hurry up, offer is live until 16th April.


Bobbi Brown

bobbi brown
Unlock the secret to becoming a beauty queen with our brand-new Bobbi Brown discount. They have tons of game changing products that will certainly make you stand out. Health Service Discounts members are all eligible to 15% off plus free delivery.

You can check out all of our discounts in one huge A-Z list of brands and retailers. Click on the banner below!

NHS Discount List Banner


5 Tips to Help Carers Prevent Back Pain

Back pain hurts. It can make you feel very uncomfortable and serious affect your day-to-daylife, especially when you have a physically demanding job.

Back pain is a huge problem within healthcare and is one of the main reasons for most work-related absences in the UK.

There are ways that you can help yourself and take care of your back a bit better in the workplace. ease your back problems and allow you to get on with your extraordinary job.

Appropriate Footwear

Wearing comfy shoes at work is very important to help prevent back pain.

The number of miles hospital workers can clock up on a shift is impressive, so making sure that you have the correct footwear is vital.

Wearing the right shoes can improve your body alignment by helping you achieve a strong posture. It can also take away stress on your lower back and joints.

We have a fantastic discount to help you save on a new pair or work shoes from FitFlop; get 21% off everything, including sale items.

Keep it Moving

Healthcare workers are on the go for most of the day, so it can be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise when you get home.

But, if you can find the time and muster up energy then we promise you that you’ll feel good after it.
Staying active and exercising is a great way to overcome back pain.

Strengthening back muscles with exercises like back extensions, knee rolls and planks can help to reduce back problems.

Even just simple exercises such as walking, swimming and biking are excellent ways to strengthen your back muscles.

If you are considering joining a gym, take a look at our Pure Gym offer.

You can get an exclusive 10% off memberships being a Health Service Discounts member.

Poor Posture

Poor posture is one of the biggest causes of back pain, but it can be treated with the right techniques.

To maintain a good body posture, you need to always straighten your back, keep your chest out and shoulders down.

When sitting, avoid slouching or place something like a pillow behind your lower back for additional support.

When handling heavy objects at work, ensure you learn the correct method, to avoid injury.

Back Massages

Massage therapy is a great way to relieve stress and help you relax.

It provides substantial healing and pain relief by increasing blood circulation, which aids the recovery process on the sore muscles.

If you are considering a massage, we can help you save money if you book with Travelzoo. You can get up to 60% off, plus an extra 5% NHS discount.

Sleep Adjustment

Sleep is very important and you need to try to get your eight hours in every day. This can be difficult for healthcare staff who work long hours and shifts.

Getting enough sleep so that you can allow your body to recover after a long, tough shift is vital.

This starts with a comfy bed. Having a good quality bed and mattress is essential to get a good night’s sleep.

Health Service Discounts members are entitled to an exclusive 10% discount at Cuckooland, who have a selection of cosy beds that will help you have a great nights sleep.

Not already registered? Sign up by hitting the banner down below!



10 Amazing Products Every Healthcare Worker Needs in Their Life

Every healthcare worker needs something to make them smile during their shift.

Whether that is something that makes your shift easier or a fun gimmick that can make you and your co-workers smile throughout the day.

We’ve searched the web for amazing products that every healthcare worker needs.

Emergency Take a Break Lunch Box

This lunch box is a perfect product that will make you smile on those long shifts. If your having a really stressful time and don’t have time for a food break, you can open this emergency snack tin and have a snack to boost your energy and moral.

  • 20.5cm Fire Alarm Shaped Food Tin.
  • Fun for storing all your emergency snacks in!

Click here for the Emergency Take a Break Lunch Box


Retractable Badge Reel

This badge reel is a cute little reminder of how caring you are. It is also a very practical way of holding your ID while also looking cute and stylish.

  • Rotating Alligator Clip on The Back Makes it Easy to Badge Up, Down, or All Around.
  • Premium Badge Reels in a Budget Friendly Three Pack. Cute EKG Decoration on a Heart Shaped Reel.
  • 1 ½” X 1 ½” Dimensions- A Bit Larger Than Most Reels, but with a Reliable and Consistent Pull with a 34″ Reach.

Click here for the Retractable Badge Reel


 Its A Beautiful Day to Save Lives Travel Mug

This mug will remind you how important you are and why your job is worth it.

  • Stainless Steel Travel Mug
  • Insulated 16 oz. Coffee & Tea Tumbler
  • Technology to keep 16 oz. of beverage hot or cold for hours.
  • Spill-resistant lid features convenient carrying handle.

Click here for the Its A Beautiful Day to Save Lives Travel Mug


Bone pens set

These pens will help you practice anatomy while doing your everyday tasks.

  • Material: Plastic, Size: Approx. 15cm
  • Ballpoint pen shaped like human bones.
  • Especially fun for all healthcare workers and professionals
  • Ink colour: black ink
  • High quality: The pens are not bulky and surprisingly comfortable to write with.
  • They are not flimsy and do not bend, they are made out of a solid piece of plastic.

Click here for the Bone pens set


I’m A Nurse What’s Your Super Power bag

Not only is this small bag really convenient but it will let everyone around you know that you are a superhero!

  • 100% Cotton, Ethically produced. One size.
  • Tote bag
  • Created by an in-house design team.
  • 42cm x38cm

Click here for the I’m A Nurse What’s Your Super Power bag


Picture Exchange Communication Keyring

Working with children or working with a patient who struggles to be vocal? These will help you communicate with your patient and understand there needs.

  • 10 Gloss Finished Cards 6cm by 6cm.
  • Picture Communication Symbol images
  • Held together on an easy to open ring.

Click here for the Picture Exchange Communication Keyring


 Cute Pen With Strap Lanyard

Always losing your pen? Who isn’t… With these all in one pen set, you will never be at a loss for a pen and notepad again. These convenient pens include a flashlight and sticky notes along with a strap to go around your neck or attach to your pants.

  • Pen length: 13CM. Strap length: 44CM
  • 5 pens in total (Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Silver).
  • It is not only a pen, also can be hung on your neck, and have notepapers in the body, and it’s a flashlight too!
  • Ink colour: Blue

Click here for the Cute Pen with Strap Lanyard


Sanitising Gel with Retractable Clip

Working with patients might not be the most glamorous job in the world. This is why you need hand sanitizer on you all the time. this is a simple solution to always being clean.

  • Superior Effectiveness Instant Results
  • Disinfects and Refreshes
  • 50ml Bottle of Clinell Hand Sanitising Gel with Retractable Clip.
  • Includes an extendable clip. Extends to 50cm.
  • Kind to the skin.

Click here for the Sanitising Gel with Retractable Clip


Heart Stress Reliever Ball Red

You might have a big heart but you also have a stressful job. This is why you could use a heart stress ball. Reminds you how caring you are but can still get some stress relief.

  • Ideal for Stress Relief
  • Can be used for muscle strengthening

Click here for the Heart Stress Reliever Ball Red


Nurse Rubber Bath Duck

A bath is a perfect way to end a stressful day. This little rubber duck will definitely cheer you up.

  • This fun duck is a perfect addition to bath time after a long day at work. 
  • A great novel gift especially for a Nurse.
  • Size 8 cm.

Click here for the Nurse Rubber Bath Duck


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Our Brand New Improved Website is Now Live!

We’re delighted to announce that our new and improved website is now live.

Its jam packed full of new features including changes to design, navigation, structure and so much more.

Here are the top features, that we can’t wait for you to see.

More Intelligent Searches

A big feature that will certainly make claiming discounts much faster are word-specific searches, meaning you will get directly what you ask for.

The powerful on-site search, allows you to get the deals you want in an instant.

This new tool also recognises what your typing and gives you suggestions to speed up the process.

Precise Recommendations

Our new website has the capability to recommend personalised and more relevant discounts that will be of your interest.

precise recommendations

This is intended to save you valuable time and money by directly giving you personalised discounts that will suit your needs.

Sharing Discounts through Social Media

If you find a great offer, you can easily share it with a friend or a colleague.

On every offer page, there are sharing options for social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

social media

Simply click the platform you wish to post to and your good to go.

Improved Navigation

Upgraded, intuitive navigation on both desktop and mobile, making the websites overall performance much more efficient.

Finding a deal has never been easier!

improved navigation

improved navigation

You will be able to view our offers more clearly, find all the brands you’re looking for and keep up to date with any news.

Brand Recognition

With the birth of our new website, we have remodelled Health Service Discounts into a more identifiable brand, by creating a new eye-catching logo, ethos and house style.

HSD Logo

We have also created a tonne of aspirational imagery and content, which are showcased on our new website.

Device Compatibility

A strong and consistent user experience through all devices, whether it be a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet, our new website supports them all.

device compatibility

Any device can withstand the quality of the website, without an effect on speed, accessibility and scalability; a big development, in contrast to the old website.

Delivering Content

The new website upholds powerful bespoke framework for bringing our members more relevant and engaging news and guides.

delivering content

This will help deliver a more convenient experience and help you make the most out of our discount scheme.

Enhanced Mobile Experience

We have drastically improved the mobile functionally to make it easier to operate.

mobile view

There’s no need to worry, as you don’t have to do anything.

All your information will be kept the same and transferred over to the new website, so you can just login as normal.

If you haven’t already registered, it’s free to join and free to use our discounts. Sign up today!



Summer Holiday Inspiration Guide 2018

Searching for a sun-filled summer holiday, a cosy cabin in a woodland forest, or perhaps exploring a new culture in a busy city?

Whatever you’re looking for, here’s your summer holiday inspiration guide with perfect ideas for any type of holiday for summer of 2018.

We have picked our favourite destinations with the best deals to save you some money too.

Holiday Inspiration for Beaches

Tikehau Island, French Polynesia
French Polynesia, aka Tahiti, aka Paradise

You can’t get more perfect than a small island in the Palliser, part of the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia.

Never heard of it? Not many people have but this makes it even better.

You will have a private island all to yourself (well almost). The island is so small it only has a population of about 600 people.

This is the best way to enjoy a perfect beach. Imagine just you and your partner, with no worries in the world.

bora bora


Holiday Inspiration for Adventure

Bali, Indonesia

For adventure and something a bit different this summer, choose Bali.

Described as the ‘Island of the Gods’, Bali’s popularity as a holiday destination has peaked in recent years.

If you’re in search of paradise – tropical weather, rich culture, long, white sandy beaches, volcanos, mountains, temples and much more – Bali is the answer.



Holiday Inspiration for Romance

Venice, Italy

Venice is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. It has no roads, just canals.

People call Venice the city of love for a reason. It’s the sheer loveliness of an exquisite city that seems miraculously built on water.

It’s practically picture perfect. Could you think of anything more romantic than a gondola with your significant other?



Holiday Inspiration for Sightseeing

London, UK

The capital of England, the home of the queen, and there are some incredible sights to see.

At its centre stand the Houses of Parliament, the iconic ‘Big Ben’ clock tower and Westminster Abbey, the site of British monarch coronations.

Across the Thames River, the London Eye provides perfect panoramic views of the entire city.



Holiday Inspiration for Vacation

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a magical city with something exciting and beautiful on every corner. Check out the street performers and take in the vibrant atmosphere.

Hop on a cable car for panoramic views of the city, before finishing your evening off at the enchanting Magic Fountains of Montjuic.

Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona is one of the most enchanting sights ever.



Holiday Inspiration for History

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt’s capital, set on the Nile River, is a must for any budding historian.

At the heart of the city, there is the vast Egyptian Museum with a trove of antiquities, including royal mummies and gilded King Tutankhamun artefacts.

Nearby, you can find the site of the iconic pyramids and Great Sphinx.

You can’t get more historical than ancient Egypt.



Holiday Inspiration for Nightlife

Ibiza Spain

For decades, Ibiza has held the ultimate party island crown and 2018 is no different.

Although it is renowned for having some of the best nightclubs in the world, the island also has beautiful coastline with dozens of tiny coves to discover, not to mention some of the most stylish hotels in the Mediterranean.

If a relaxing day on a beach followed by a crazy night out sounds like the perfect summer holiday, then Ibiza is the place to be this summer.



Holiday Inspiration for Events

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a huge seaside city in Brazil. It is known for its carnivals and the Christ the Redeemer statue atop Mount Corcovado.

They have the best carnival festivals, featuring parade floats, flamboyant costumes and samba dancers, which are considered the world’s biggest and best.

With golden beaches and lush mountains, samba-fuelled nightlife and spectacular football matches, Rio has something for everyone.



Holiday Inspiration for Culture

Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is Japan’s busy capital. It mixes the ultramodern and the traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers to historic temples.

It boasts neon skyscrapers, bustling crowds, packed trains, cutting-edge architecture and futuristic technology.

But it also offers ancient shrines, plant-covered wooden houses, old-school sweet shops and village-like lanes.

Another key point of their culture to experience is the food – from sushi to soba, and everything in between.

You will are sure to feel fulfilled after exploring Japan’s culture.



Holiday Inspiration for a Luxury Trip

Las Vegas, USA

Vegas, Baby! This 24-hour party place has the biggest and best casinos.

Vegas is truly a sight to behold. It flaunts sumptuous celebrity-chef restaurants, plus glamorous clubs, mesmerizing shows, seductive spas, designer shopping, and amazing festivals.

This boulevard is home to themed hotels with elaborate displays such as fountains synchronized to music as well as replicas of an Egyptian pyramid, the Venetian Grand Canal, and the Eiffel Tower.



Holiday Inspiration for a Theme Park Break

Orlando, Florida

There is no question about this. Our top spot for the best holiday for a theme park trip has to go to Orlando.

It is home to more than a dozen theme parks. Walt Disney World is one of the many, it includes parks like the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, as well as water parks. You can’t get more magical than Disney.

The Universal parks are another must-visit destination in Orlando. Their parks include Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, along with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.



Holiday Inspiration for Safaris

Botswana, Africa

Botswana bears its soul gloriously in summer. At the heart of the dry season, the animals gather in fabulously photogenic fashion around shrinking water holes.

Botswana Safaris are famous for having access to the most varied and abundant wildlife in Africa, offering some of the most unique wildlife viewings in the world.



Holiday Inspiration for Family Fun

Costa Del Sol, Spain

For a fun family holiday, Costa Del Sol is the destination for you. Sun, sea and plenty of activities to keep the kids occupied while you enjoy some well-earned chill time.

Have a splash at one of the water parks, or perhaps visit the aquarium or beautiful Butterfly Park. Take the kids to one of the seven beaches in Fuengirola and teach them how to snorkel.

See how much you can save on your summer holiday with our full list of travel discounts for healthcare staff.

costa del sol

See how much you can save on your summer holiday with our full list of travel discounts!

Discounts Money Saving Tips

Top 5 Mother’s Day Gifts with NHS Discounts

Mothers deserve to be celebrated on Mother’s Day to show how much we appreciate all the amazing things they do for their family.

Struggling for Mother’s Day present ideas this year?

To help you out, we’ve put together our pick of the best Mother’s Day present ideas, along with some of our fantastic NHS discounts to save you some money.


Appleyard flowers are offering 20% NHS discount on stunning collections of flowers. With their wide range of flowers, you’ll be able to find the perfect bouquet for your mum. Whose mum wouldn’t love luxury hand-tied arrangement? It will make the perfect gift for any hardworking mum.


Would you mum prefer something more sentimental? If so, she’ll love nothing more than a new set of earing or perhaps a new necklace, especially when it’s from you! Anything from Pandora will be a hit. Not only do they have an amazing range of items, but they’re also giving away free earrings worth £55 when you spend £125!


Women love shoes… fact! Treat your mum to some fancy footwear this Mother’s Day. You could get her something she will wear every day. This will mean that the gift will be a long-lasting one. Fitflop is offering up to 70% off and extra 21% NHS discount. This way you can get some luxury shoes without the huge cost.


Got big plans for your mum? If you’re ta    king her for dinner and some cocktails she would appreciate a new outfit. Dorothy Perkins are offering up to 50% off and 10% NHS discount on non-sale items. This is a perfect way to show your mum how special she is. She will feel good and look good too.


Now to add the finishing touches to your mum’s day and what better way to do it than getting her favourite fragrance. Not only will this make her Mother’s Day perfect but every time she uses her new perfume she’ll be reminded of you. You can find the best fragrances at even better prices at Fragrance Direct. They don’t just sell perfume either. They have everything from skincare, hair and electricals. It gets better too, they’re offering up to 65% off High Street prices and an extra 5% NHS discount.

It’s free to join our NHS discounts scheme and you can start saving money with our offers straight away. Sign up for free today!

Healthcare Discounts

Money Saving Tips

NHS Staff & Agency Staff Could Be Owed a Share of £Billions for PPI

Did you know that NHS and agency staff could be owed a share of £billions for mis-sold PPI?

While more than £27 billion has already been paid out in successful PPI claims, there is still the potential for billions more to be paid before the claims deadline comes into effect on August 29th 2019.

Unfortunately, not all sales people followed the correct procedure as they should have done and policies were mis-sold for decades.

Amazingly, sometimes PPI was added to an agreement without the knowledge or consent of the consumer, which means they were paying PPI premiums every month without knowing it.

The boom of mis-sold PPI

NHS staff owed PPI

PPI was mis-sold on an industrial scale to people in all walks of life mostly between 1990 and 2010, many of whom were health sector workers who should never have been sold a policy in the first place as they may not have been able to claim on it.

Payment protection insurance is a product designed to help borrowers continue to make their repayments on a financial agreement if they must come out of work through accident, sickness or ill health.

However, the clauses within the policy and the suitability of healthcare sector workers may have prevented NHS and agency staff from ever being able to make a claim.

Policy exclusion clauses

Exclusion clauses built into the policy could make it impossible for the consumer to make a claim. Sales staff were supposed to make people aware of what those exclusions are but often failed to do so. These included:

  • Those in seasonal or part-time work (under 16 hours a week).
  • Employed on a temporary or contract basis.
  • Self-employed.
  • Aware of the possibility of redundancy in the future.
  • Having pre-existing medical conditions
  • Suffering from stress or backache
  • Under the age of 18 or over 65 years

Suitability for healthcare workers

There were other restrictions too. The one which may be relevant to some NHS staff is that sickness benefits could cover the cost of payments for up to a year which could make any PPI policy inappropriate.

It was the responsibility of the sales person to establish suitability. As soon as they were informed of the sick pay status if this deemed the policy unnecessary they should have called off the sale.

Agency workers

Agency workers may carry out the same role as an employed worker in the NHS or private healthcare, and you might think they could make a claim if they had to come out of work for any reason – but this is not necessarily so.  Unlike healthcare professionals within the NHS, the cause for mis-selling may not be due to sick pay & benefits.

With many self-employed agency workers, the policy could have been inappropriate because their employment status could mean that they would not have been able to make a claim on the policy.

What type of agreements could you have been mis-sold PPI with?

PPI has been mis-sold on a wide range of financial agreements. If you have ever had any of the following then you could be eligible to make a claim:

  • Loans
  • Credit cards
  • Mortgages
  • Overdrafts
  • Store cards
  • Mail order catalogues

Exactly how could PPI have been mis-sold to NHS staff?

Below is a checklist of the different ways in which PPI could have been mis-sold to you dependent on your circumstances at the time:

  1. Were your earnings while off sick guaranteed for six months or more and enough for you to live off?
  2. Did the sales person ask you questions about your age, employment status or health?
  3. Were any of the exclusion clauses mentioned?
  4. Were you told that PPI was optional or did you feel pressured into taking the policy out?
  5. Were alternative policies discussed?
  6. Were you advised of the cost of the premium as a separate item?
  7. Were you even aware that a policy had been sold to you?
  8. If it was a single premium policy, were you made aware of how much commission you were paying on the sale?

If the answer is no to any one of these questions, then it is possible you may have been mis-sold your PPI policy.

Even if the agreement the policy was connected to has finished you might still be eligible for a refund of all the premiums you paid along with additional interest. 

How do you find out if you had PPI attached to your accounts?

If you would like more information and to check the PPI status of any current or former financial agreements, take advantage of a free PPI check with Health Service PPI Check.

Discounts Lifestyle

6 Special Ways to Treat Your Mum This Mother’s Day

Every year Mother’s Day comes around, and no matter how much we love our mums we’ll often find ourselves clueless on how to treat her.

What should you do? What gift should you get her? How do you show her how much you appreciate everything she does?

1. Finding the perfect gift

How do you make Mother’s Day extra special?

Keep it simple and classic with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Find out what her favourite flowers are and take them up to her in bed first thing in the morning to get the day off to a great start.

NHS staff can get 20% off all flowers at Appleyard Flowers with our discount code.

Looking for something a bit more extravagant? You can’t go wrong with jewellery. Almost every mum will completely fall in love with a new pair of earrings or a necklace (especially if it’s from you).

Get an exclusive 15% NHS discount at Goldsmiths with our discount code.

For a more personal touch, a locket with a special picture of you together inside would go down a treat, this way you can always be with your mum.

Speaking of pictures and being sentimental, a picture frame or a photo album is definitely something that your mum will love and appreciate forever. This idea can really show how much someone means to you. You could both look back at memories together in a photo album and have some quality bonding time.

Get 3 gifts for £20 with IWOOT with our discount code.

Sometimes the simplest ideas can work the best.

Have you got a big day planned for your mum? Booked a reservation at her favourite restaurant or perhaps you’re just taking her to a small local café.

No matter what you have planned, you could buy your mum a new outfit. Make your mum feel good inside and out.

You can pick up some bargains at Dorothy Perkins in their up to 50% Off Sale. NHS staff can also get 10% off full priced items with our discount code. You can also get free delivery on orders over £50.

Don’t feel too comfortable choosing clothing or jewellery for your mum? Don’t worry, you can still get her something she’ll love.

Find out what scents she likes and choose a new fragrance for her.  There’s nothing like the feeling of spritzing some new floral perfume on for the first time.

You can get up to 65% off High Street prices and an extra 5% NHS discount with our Fragrance Direct discount.

This Mother’s Day, I’d definitely recommend getting her a great bottle of perfume.

2. Taking her on a day out

Mums are always rushing around, thinking of everyone else and never themselves, make sure this Mother’s Day you find time to do what she wants to do.

Whatever activity fits her style, the whole family should get involved and make the day exactly what she wants.

Many mums spend quite a bit of time taking care of everyone else, and they tend to forget about taking care of themselves. If this sounds like your mother, make an appointment for her to be pampered at a spa.

She’ll love being pampered, having her hair done, getting a massage, and having a pedicure.

You can get 8% off SpaFinder when you buy a discount card or vouchers.

If your mother enjoys nothing more than a day shopping and lunch at her favourite cafe, this will delight her and give her something to look forward to

If your mum is more into a quiet afternoon then afternoon tea for two might be more fitting.

Either taking your mum to a quiet café for a coffee or going all out with traditional afternoon tea with cakes and scones, this is a perfect way to have a catch up with your mum and get some quality time together.

Your mum might be the type to want a little bit more excitement in their days.

How does a cocktail masterclass sound? Not only are you being active and learning but you get to treat you and your mum to a few fruity cocktails.

If you can’t find a cocktail masterclass, nothing is stopping you from going on a cocktail crawl.

3. Letting your mum have the day off

We all have those moments when we think ‘if only there was someone here to wait on me hand and foot!’ well, after everything your mum has done for you, she deserves a day with this exact treatment.

Despite Mother’s Day being on a Sunday, this doesn’t stop mums from working really hard.

First things first, no cleaning, cooking or chores of any kind! Don’t let her do a single second of work.

After all, this is her day!

Your mum has spent enough time pushing a vacuum and mopping up your messes, so show her some love by cleaning her house.

Is your mum is always looking after your younger siblings? Let her have the day to herself and babysit the children.

If there are younger children in your family, get them involved too and have them bring her breakfast in bed or deliver flowers on your behalf.

If you’re giving your mum a special piece of jewellery, have the younger ones follow up with a homemade bracelet or card.

4. It’s the small gestures that make the biggest difference

If your budget isn’t the biggest or your mum doesn’t like a fuss, the small gestures can really make her day.

Don’t forget the card! Choose a Mother’s Day card she’ll like, write something personal and make sure it arrives on time. You can find a great range at Clintons, plus you can save with our NHS Discount.

Plan a family film night and make sure your mum gets to choose the movie! Include popcorn and her favourite drink (perhaps a glass of wine).

5. Your mum’s favourite food

What’s the best way to start off the perfect Mother’s Day? Breakfast in bed of course.

Either a full English, pancakes or just some porridge, your mum will really appreciate the extra time in bed to relax.

Don’t forget to include fresh fruit juice and a hot cup of coffee, just the way your mum likes it.

More often than not, mums are the best cooks in the family. So why don’t you give her a break?

Though the rest of the family might not have your mum’s talent in the kitchen, put in twice as much effort to create the perfect feast!

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Gather up recipes for ALL your mum’s favourite dishes, grab a nice bottle of wine, get cooking, then enjoy! Don’t forget dessert!

If you’re not the best a cooking, then take her out to the special place in town that she’s always wanted to go.

Either take the whole family or just the two of you for some quality time together.

6. Time to relax…

Believe it or not, but a long day of being treated can be a bit tiring.

Though all these activities may be fun and relaxing, give the family some downtime in their own home.  The best memories are made when just spending time together.

To end the day, run your mum a bath with lovely smelling products so she can really relax.

Perhaps buy her new pyjamas or any other luxurious bedtime gift you can think of.

Hide it on her bed for her to find just before she falls asleep, complete with a chocolate on the pillow. This perfect end to a perfect day will ensure your mum has the best Mother’s Day yet.

Whatever you choose to do for your mom on Mother’s Day will be appreciated. She’ll love the fact that you thought about her and did something to make her day extra special.


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