What do you do if you’ve made a mistake in the first few weeks of your new NHS career and are struggling to rebuild your confidence?

How do you pick yourself back up?

Nurse Mistake

Making mistakes is a part of life. Everything can be going OK, you could be settling in well and getting to grips with what you have to do. Then, BOOM! Out of nowhere you make a mistake and it can completely throw you off the tracks and wipe your confidence in your new NHS career.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

To help you out, we asked our faithful NHS staff members to draw on their own experiences and give you some advice to help you get through it.

Advice from NHS Staff

“Put it behind you, take heed but consider what you can take from it to prevent it happening again. Use it as a future learning reminder. Don’t beat yourself up about it, none of us are perfect.” – Les.

“The only way to learn is to make mistakes! It makes us stronger and passionate practitioners. Don’t beat yourself up, learn and move one!” – Jenni.

“It’s impossible not to make mistakes but it’s always possible to learn from them.” – Charlotte.

“Put your hands up and admit it, reflect and learn from it. Remember, no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes.” – Sharon.

“Not so much an error but when I started as a student I was learning to cannulate. Make sure the sharps bin is close! I accidentally stabbed an ODT with an exposed sharp, not a happy ODT or Anaesthetist. Reflect, learn, don’t do it again!” – James.

And one answer that always seems to pop up but we certainly don’t recommend:

“Drink wine!” – Sally.

Have you got any more tips for a newbie who has made a mistake in their first few weeks and is struggling to regain confidence? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Payal

    Hi Andy, recently I have joined NHS. I will get my smart card soon. What do I do to get discounts mentioned above?


    • Andy Fullard

      Andy Fullard Post author

      You would have to speak to your HR department for this, sorry. To get our discounts you can sign up now and start using our offers straight away. It’s free to join and free to use. Any questions please let me know.


  • Heather Ruck

    I posted a question on here on Tuesday and logged in today to see if there is a reply, my question has gone and there is no reply. How can I view it or has it been removed? My query was in regards to NHS Discount blue card.


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