Volunteers are at the heart of the healthcare sector.

We often get asked if volunteers are entitled to our discounts.

Volunteers are an integral part of the care team with around 3 million unpaid workers entering the voluntary sector and public services. We believe they should be recognised for their important contribution to healthcare.


Who is classed as a volunteer?

There are many types of volunteers that are entitled to our discounts, including:

Employer-Supported Volunteers

Employer-Supported Volunteering allows organisations and employers in private and public sectors to encourage their own staff to volunteer for exciting opportunities. Employers can allow their staff to volunteer in work time and take time off to pursue their own projects.

Does this seem familiar to you? If so, it’s a simple process to sign up as a Health Service Discounts member.

If you’re not already a volunteer and want to get involved, be sure to see if there is a volunteering programme at your place of work.
The Employee Volunteering website provides more information on how to get involved.

Volunteering for a specific health condition

If you have been impacted by a specific health condition, you should certainly share your experience and knowledge with patients that are suffering from the same affair.

You might also like to show your appreciation to the hospital unit or department that treated you. You can do this by helping them out with an extra pair of hands.

If you’re one of the amazing people who participate in charity work, fundraising or running support groups, our discounts are also open to you!


Being a donor and contributing to the well-being of others is such a kind gesture that really warms our hearts.

To show our appreciation to everyone that has donated samples of their blood, urine, tissue or saliva, you are all eligible to sign up to our discount scheme.

If you wish to become a blood donor, just go to Give Blood website to start the registration process.

Blood Donation

Time banks

Time banks are a great way to get involved in volunteering.

The system works by rewarding volunteers with services, based on the amount of time worked. For example, if you helped in a care home for two hours, you would be rewarded with two hours’ worth of treats such as a two-hour beauty treatment.

To join the Time Banking community, visit Time Banking UK to find out what’s available in your area.

What discounts are available?

Health Service Discounts have secured hundreds of the best discounts from all the biggest brands and retailers including the likes of EE, Jet2holidays, Butlins, Under Armour, Paul’s Boutique, Pure Gym, Virgin Trains and many more! We have categorised our discounts into groups:

Broadband, TV & Utilities

We’re always working hard to negotiate the best discounts possible with our partners. We review them regularly and are always adding new deals to our website.

How to join & How to use

To become a Health Service Discounts member, just fill out your details on the registration form and select the voluntary sector. This is what the registration form looks like:

Registration FormRegistration Form

Once you’ve registered, you will receive a welcome email with more information about our service and you can start using our discounts straight away!

Claiming a discount is easy; click on the green ‘Get Deal’ button and it will take you through to our partner’s page. You then make your purchase as normal and the discount will either be added automatically, or you will be given a voucher code to enter at the checkout.

If you are not yet a volunteer, get in touch with your local NHS trust to find out about volunteering opportunities in your area. Visit their website for contact details and further information.

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