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Top 5 NHS Discounts for Fitness Fanatics

We know how hard it can be to gather the courage to take on a healthy lifestyle.

Our Fitness discounts will hopefully give you the encouragement you have been looking for…

After all, it’s the perfect time to start your fitness journey if you want to show off that Summer body.

Pure Gym

Pure Gym

The only way you’re going to achieve your goals is by stopping with the excuses and getting down to the gym.

Pure Gym have weights, exercise classes and personal trainers; all the ingredients needed to help you reach your goal!

Our members are entitled to join Pure Gym for just £5 (usually up to £15) and can get up to 10% off membership fees.


Under Armour

Under Armour

To be the greatest, the correct attire is crucial.

Under Armour has a strong reputation for delivering innovative clothing, footwear and accessories.

Their state of the art technology guarantees to maximise comfort and boost overall performance.

Health Service Discounts members are eligible to an exclusive 10% discount.


My Protein

My Protein

Consuming the right nutrients and eating healthy is a critical element in accomplishing your target.

Whether it be gaining muscle, losing weight or toning up – diet is key.

My Protein have a range of supplements to give you that extra boost in energy and keep your body in peak condition.

Our members are entitled to a whopping 30% off everything!


David Lloyd Clubs

David Lloyd Clubs

David Lloyd Clubs have something for everyone!

Whether it be lifting weights, eating a healthy meal or relaxing with the family, even going for a swim; it has it all.

If you seriously want to change your lifestyle and begin to pursue your goals, this is the perfect place to start.

Join your local David Lloyd Club for less with a corporate membership.


Gym Shark

Gym Shark

If you need quality gym wear, Gym Shark is the place to be.

Their versatile range of clothing guarantees an irritation-free workout, so you can push yourself to the limit, without any distractions.

Gym Shark are currently offering up to 50% of selected clothing and as an additional bonus, Health Service Discounts members are entitled to an extra 12% discount.


Feeling motivated? If you’re not already signed up it’s free to join and free to use our discounts. Sign up today to start your fitness journey.

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