3 Reasons to Switch Your Energy TODAY Before it’s Too Late!

Quick, time is running out for you to dump your hefty energy tariffs and replace them with much cheaper ones!

Putting the correct steps in place now could save you a fortune over the colder months, leaving you with more spare cash to spend on something more exciting than energy bills.

With the cost of energy increasing you could be forgiven for thinking there’s no point in changing your energy provider as you could end up paying more regardless. Well, that’s not necessarily the case… By switching your energy tariff you could save hundreds of pounds off your annual energy bill and here’s why…

1. Energy bills are rising

In fact, all bills are rising, but energy is the main culprit. Research has revealed that electric and gas tariffs are up by over 70%!* And if your current tariff is ending, your bills could be about to get even higher. But, don’t panic, your energy tariff is quick and simple to switch, taking just minutes online.

2. You could be on a standard variable tariff

Unless you’ve recently switched, do you know what gas and electricity tariff you’re currently on? Your old tariff could’ve ended without you realising, usually meaning you’ve been moved onto a standard tariff. Doesn’t sound too bad? Well standard tariffs are usually the most expensive. Switching doesn’t always mean switching your energy provider, it could just be switching to a better (and cheaper!) tariff.

3. Winter’s coming…

During the summer and warmer months (usually, anyway) it’s easy to push your energy bills to the back of your mind when you haven’t put your heating on for a good few months. However, Autumn is just around the corner and before you know it you’ll be spending more evenings in and turning the heating up. Don’t wait until you get a shocking bill, switch today and prepare for a cosy winter in your home without energy worries.

Time is running out

You can switch your energy throughout the year, but as part of our top NHS Energy Club you can get an amazing deal right now. But don’t leave it too late, this offer ends midnight 30th July!

Switching with us is simple, just follow this link >


*Research from Santander
**Collective winning deal(s) available to members of Health Service Discounts registered on or before 19th June 2017.

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