4 Tips for NHS Workers with Back Pain

Let’s be honest; a lot of NHS workers rarely get to sit down throughout their day.

Back pain among NHS staff is a real issue. 12 hour shifts, late nights, rushing round the hospital carrying five things at once, standing at operating tables for hours on end – it’s hard work and it takes its toll on your poor back.

Here’s some of our best tips to help ease your back problems and let you get on with the amazing work that you do.

1) Comfort is key

Comfort is the most important thing when you’re on your feet all day and comfy shoes can make a real difference. So, forget about fashion, no one cares, go for something that will support and protect your feet. ‘FitFlops’ are a popular choice in the NHS as they have a built-in balance board to help take stress off your back.


Nurse resting

2) I’m just resting my eyes

Come on, confess…. who’s had a cheeky power nap while they’ve been on a night shift? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. If you find yourself nodding off, make sure you’re back’s straight and you’re not crumpled in your chair.


3) Look after yourself

Doing a few exercises throughout your day can help keep you loose. If you have a spare few minutes before you see your next patient, do some light stretches. Be careful when you’re carrying heavy items; always use good moving and handling techniques so you don’t hurt your back.


4) Downtime is YOU-time

Spa day massage

Make the most of your time off. Treat yourself to a back massage or spa day to help with any aches and pains. You can get 22% off a spa day voucher if you’re an NHS employee and you’ll come back to work ready to take on the world again, one patient at a time.

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