5 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to Work in the NHS

A career in the NHS. There’s nothing else quite like it.

Plenty of highs, even more lows. Unbelievably stressful, yet highly rewarding at the same time. Why do you love working in the NHS? What inspired you to follow a career in healthcare? The majority of you would probably say that you simply wanted to help people. The NHS has received a lot of negative press in recent times, so we thought we would try to change the mood and focus on what makes the NHS a great place to work. Here are five reasons why it’s awesome to work in the NHS. Let us know if you agree in the comments or if you have any more to add.

1. You make a difference every day

Making a difference

Whether you’re a nurse looking after patients on the wards, a surgeon carrying out life-saving operations, admin staff who ensure all of the paperwork is complete, or cleaners who keep our hospitals spick and span – you’re all part of an amazing team that makes a huge difference to peoples’ lives every single day.

2. You develop personally

Working in the NHS helps you to develop personally as well as professionally. You become a stronger person. You can deal with high pressure situations better. You know how to keep calm in a crisis. The things that you see and do every day at work makes you thicker skinned, and this can overlap into your personal life to make you a better person.

3. You acquire unique skills

Unique Skills

The NHS provides excellent training and support for employees to develop unique skills. You learn things that you probably never thought you could do. You surprise yourself all the time and feel great when you master something that you know will help people. The best thing is – there’s always more to learn! New equipment, new procedures, you name it; there’s always something to keep you on your toes.

4. You get NHS Discounts

One of the perks which always comes in handy! Health Service Discounts save you money on everything including travel, shopping, insurance and finance, plus much more. You can claim loads of fantastic NHS discounts online and in-stores, which helps you make the most of your money and save some valuable penny’s to treat your family with. You can even save more and earn cashback at over 50 stores with the NHS Cashback Card.

5. You get a good pension

The NHS offers one of the best pension schemes in the UK, helping you to secure a better future. NHS workers are entitled to a pension as well as a tax free lump sum when they retire, leaving you to put your feet up after many years of fantastic service. What else do you love about working in the NHS? Let us know in the comments below. Have you registered for your NHS discounts? Register for free today!

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