6 Traits Every Superstar Nurse Has

There’s no such thing as a bad nurse.

Even nurses who aren’t as good as others still do an amazing job.

But what makes a nurse stand out from the rest and take their job to the next level?

These are 6 traits that every superstar nurse has:

1. Super-Caring

Nurses care about others, that’s why they do what they do. A superstar nurse will care about every single patient, no matter how long they’ve been slugging away on the wards. Every patient is as important as the next.

2. Super-Motivated

A superstar nurse doesn’t turn up late for their shift and spend the next 12 hours pottering around, avoiding as much work as possible. It doesn’t happen. Superstar nurses are there on time, ready to rock. Yes, even superstar nurses get tired and may struggle to be enthusiastic if they’ve

just come off night shifts, but they’re still there on-time, ready and motivated for the shift ahead.

3. Super-Efficient

A superstar nurse has to be on the ball and on top of things at all times. More often than not, nurses have to juggle multiple tasks at the same time, making sure that each job is done to a high standard and their patients are happy. Organisational skills, keeping a cool head, and problem solving are all important skills that a superstar nurse possesses.

4. Super-Communicator

Excellent communication skills are vital if you’re to become a superstar nurse. Nobody remembers a nurse who doesn’t speak to their patients. Being friendly, approachable, confident and sometimes funny, will leave a lasting impression on your patients.

5. Super-Positive

It can be very hard to stay positive all the time, especially when you’re exhausted from working long shifts. But a superstar nurse doesn’t let this get the better of them. They take a good look in the mirror, put a smile on their face and make everyone around them feel good.

6. Super-Hero

Nurses care for patients, save lives, work hard, deal with abuse, see things that would make other peoples’ stomach turn – all with care, compassion and a grace. You don’t have to be a superstar nurse to be a superhero – if you’re a nurse, you already are one.

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