BBQ Recipe: Blue Cheese Al Fresco Burger

We’re here to set your al fresco party aflame with this mouth-watering BBQ recipe: The Blue Cheese Beef, Veggie or Vegan Burger, and it’s bursting with flavour!

What better way to enjoy this glorious summer and bring the whole family together.

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Blue Cheese Al Fresco Burger

Meat option


If the way to the heart is through the stomach then this barbeque recipe ushers in the summer of love – and it’s super easy.

The creamy, tangy melt in the mouth texture of blue cheese is a flavour match made in heaven to the charred beef burger straight from the barbeque.

You can enjoy this on its own, or with any combination of the optional extra toppings we’ve specially selected below.


BBQ Recipe: The Blue Cheese Beef, Veggie or Vegan Burger


The blue cheese burger has a strong enough flavour on its own. However, should you want to tower things up you could also try adding: a slice of green apple, or some barbequed bacon, or perhaps a line of Dijon mustard on the back of the bun top.

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Portobello Blue Cheese Al Fresco Burger

Vegetarian and Vegan Option


If meat ain’t your beef try this scrumptious Portobello mushroom burger marinade.

There is so much you can do with this versatile and tasty burger option. If you’re making food for a range of diets you could lend some of the veggie and vegan ingredients from the beef card above to save on your shopping.

For information, Vegan Blue Cheese is available at Sainsburys.

Mix it up with caramelised onion, fresh rosemary (to add flavour while grilling). To garnish a slice of green apple or perhaps some Tabasco sauce or balsamic vinegar. The choice is yours.


BBQ Recipe: The Blue Cheese Beef, Veggie or Vegan Burger


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Have fun!


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