Should You Book Your Summer Holiday Early?

Summer has flown by, leaving behind a lingering trail of holiday blues and, as we struggle to get back into our daily routines, you might find yourself feeling tempted to book your summer 2017 now.

Well you should, and here’s why. Many people like to wait to book their summer holiday until last-minute to grab a bargain but what many people don’t realise is that you can make some unbelievable savings if you book your holiday now. Here’s some key reasons why you should book your summer 2017 holiday early that could help you to save a fortune.

Pick of the bunch

Summer 2017

Booking your summer holiday early gives you a lot more options to choose from. You can pretty much take your pick of dream destinations, choose from the very best hotels or villas, and secure seats on peak-time flights. With so much choice, the only problem you might be faced with is agreeing where to go with your family.

Huge sales and discounts

Many of the major holiday companies have amazing sales and discounts on early summer holiday bookings that can be too good to miss. Discounted hotels, cheap flights, package holiday deals, ‘kids go free’ – you can save hundreds if you know where to look. On top of that, you can save even more with our NHS discounts.

Time-off work

Getting time off work in the NHS can be difficult sometimes. If you’re lucky enough to be in a department that lets you book your holidays early, then that’s great. For those that don’t, it’s either a case of getting in there before everyone else, or coming to an arrangement with your colleagues about which days you need off. It’s better to be prepared with your dates so it puts you in a stronger position for when the time comes to book them in.

Book now, pay later

Relaxing Summer 2017

One of the main problems about waiting for a last-minute deal is that you have to pay for everything up front. Along with spending money this can be quite difficult. Booking your summer holiday early gives you the opportunity to spread the cost of your payments. This makes it more manageable and allows you to save some spending money at the same time.

Low deposits

Many companies also offer low deposits when you book your summer holiday early, some as little as £1 per person. This secures your holiday without having to initially shell out a small fortune.


Countdown Summer 2017

Finally, booking your summer 2017 holiday early means that you can start counting down now. You’ll have something amazing to look forward to all year and will make all of the long shifts fly by.

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