5 Tips to Make Your Christmas Shifts More Enjoyable

Have you been blessed by the ‘Christmas Rota Gods’ this year?

If you’re answer is a resounding ‘No!’ and you’re staring down a huge list of Christmas shifts, it can be very disheartening.

Working in the NHS at Christmas is tough. It’s a busy time of year and, with skeleton staff in place, it can be hectic to say the least.

But it’s not all doom and gloom – there’s plenty of ways that you can bring some Christmas sparkle to work with you and make it that little bit more special.

Here’s 5 tips to make your Christmas shifts in the NHS a little more exciting for yourself, your colleagues and your patients:

1. Give us a smile

It is Christmas after all! Even if you don’t feel like it, having a positive and cheery attitude will help to keep your patient’s spirits and hopes up over the Christmas period. It will work wonders for your own mood and hopefully it will rub off on others.

2. One-to-one time

Try to give your patients a little more one-to-one time than you normally would, so they don’t feel lonely this time of year. Hospitals can be a lonely place for patients, especially if they don’t have regular visitors. Giving them that little extra attention can make a huge difference to someone’s morale and boost their Christmas cheer.

3. You’re in it together

Working in the NHS at Christmas can have a bit more of a relaxed and happier feel to it, but it can still be stressful because there is less staff. Try to pull together and make lighter work – helping each other out will get you through your shift quicker and more efficiently.

4. Secret Santa

Why don’t you organise a secret Santa to bring the department/ward staff together? You don’t have to buy expensive gifts and it can be a good laugh trying to find a daft present for someone that you work with.

5. “All I want for Christmas……”

Brush up on your Christmas songs this year and get some practice in at work. Have a little sing-song while you’re heading to your next case or warming your soup up in the canteen. Make it your mission for the day to get as many people as you can to join in with you. Just make you don’t go overboard because you might start to annoy people, unless you’ve got a voice like Mariah!

Have you got any more tips to help others get through their Christmas shifts in the NHS?

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