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We have searched the best up-and-coming travel destinations from around the globe to bring you the hottest tickets! Where will your next adventure take you? We have some great deals and discounts on holidays with Jet2Holidays, Thomas Cook and Virgin Holidays to the world’s trending travel spots. It’s time for new horizons in your own unchartered territories. Here’s the cheaper way to the road less travelled…


Nestled on the west coast of the Balkan Peninsula within the borders of Bosnia, Herzegovina, Albania and Serbia sits the splendour of Montenegro. This beauty spot is proving that the best things come in small packages – and this one is surrounded by golden beaches. The summer months in Montenegro allow you to bask in the scent of conifers, herbs and blossoms brought in from the warm breeze of crystal-clear sea waters. Save up to £100pp plus an extra £25 NHS discount to Montenegro with Jet2Holidays.


With 300 sunny days per year Malta is one of the best sea and sand destinations for couples, friends and solo travellers alike. It boasts the clearest waters in the Mediterranean and is a great place for swimming, snorkelling and diving. Not just a pretty face, Malta is also home to some impressive architectural facades thanks to its 7000-year history and has more historic sights than any other country. Stroll through some of the oldest stone buildings in the world, prehistoric temples and Roman catacombs. If you have no network coverage the British have left behind red telephone and letterboxes as well as the English language. We currently have £100 off selected hotels and resorts through Thomas Cook.


Vietnam is home to luxurious resorts, Mountains punctuating vast natural beauty as well as vibrant cities and sky-scrapers. This makes it an incredibly exciting and versatile destination for both romantic getaways, adventure and spiritual seekers alike. Explore Buddhist shrines, golden sandy beaches, landmarks of ancient origin and colonial structures of huge historical significance. If you’re a foodie welcome to paradise! The mouth-watering variety of tasty and affordable culinary delights is abundant, particularly in the big cities. Enliven all your senses with a Vietnamese escape with 5% off through our Virgin Holidays deal.


Japan is as beautiful as it is intriguing from ancient temples to futuristic megacities. Intrepid explorers are sure to satisfy their wanderlust. Tokyo bustles with an incredible variety of shops, entertainment, robot bars, green spaces, culture and gastronomic delights. For the romantics amongst you cherry blossom season is in full bloom from March to May. Enjoy temples, zen gardens, Geisha culture, shimmering royal palaces, sandy beaches, world renowned skiing and incredible national parks. Japan is a unique experience whether you travel alone or with loved ones. We currently have a 5% discount with Virgin holidays on a range of worldwide destinations.

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