Do you know the benefits NHS staff are entitled to?

Those working for the NHS are often seen as some of the hardest workers, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its benefits. Holidays, flexible working and childcare support are some of the best known benefits for its employees, but the chances are there are more advantages to being a part of the NHS than you realise.

Pension scheme


The state pension scheme only provides a bare minimum level of support to help people to get by financially in their later years of life. Basic state pension is currently worth just ££129.20 a week, which works out at just a touch over £6,000 a year.

It is evidently difficult to survive and have a decent standard of living on such a low amount of money, which is why the NHS pension scheme is so useful. Although it could be even better, the NHS pension scheme is without a doubt one of the strongest in the UK, entitling workers to a pension as well as a tax free lump sum when they retire.



Compared to a lot of workers in the private sector, holidays for NHS staff members are quite generous – although that time off is necessary to recharge the batteries and enjoy some much-needed down time with the family.

All NHS employees are entitled to 27 days of holiday a year as soon as they join the health service, with this figure rising to 29 days after five years. Once a person has been working for the NHS for a decade, they will get 33 days of holiday each year, with their loyalty to the NHS rewarded in the form of extra leave.



Working for the NHS is intended to feel like being part of a family, so it is only fair that the health service supports those who have children. Childcare support is provided for those working within the NHS in the form of childcare facilities that are located in the grounds of many hospitals, which may include nurseries for children aged six months to five years, as well as play schemes for children up to the age of 12.

Housing assistance


It is arguably harder than ever to get a foot on the housing ladder, which is why one of the most important benefits for NHS employees is the provision of housing assistance. Interest-free loans are available to help workers to buy a house and there is also the key worker living programme, which helps staff members to buy affordable housing.

Flexible working


Flexible working is one of the key employment trends of the 21st century and the NHS has tried hard to stay ahead of the curve in this area. Anyone who has a child under the age of six – or a disabled child under 18 – is able to work flexible hours to fit their work around their family commitments. Additional paid leave of three days a year is also available for those NHS workers who provide care for an independent adult.

One of the very best NHS employee benefits is that all workers have the right to apply for flexible working hours, which can be set to gain a much better balance between your work and home life.

Maternity leave

The NHS is one of the UK’s most progressive employers in terms of maternity leave. All women who work in the NHS are entitled to take maternity leave of 26 weeks – although this is subject to some terms and conditions – while new fathers can take ten days paid holiday a year.

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