Eating Out After Lockdown

With lockdown restrictions easing, our way of life is slowly returning to normal, but hat won’t be normal is our restaurant experiences. They’ll be more safety measures in place and more patience will be required whilst staff in all establishments do their best to make you feel at ease.

But what does eating out look like after lockdown?Here are some things to expect:

  • Hospitality workers will be wearing face masks
  • Expect to be asked for personal information such as names and phone numbers to make it easier for contact tracing.
  • Longer waits – book in advance at your favourite restaurants otherwise you may find yourself disappointed or waiting to be seated for extended periods of time.
  • One Way systems inside restaurants to reduce interaction between customers.

Luckily we’re in an age where technology can help aid us, and you may find your favourite restaurant encourages ordering from newly installed apps to reduce the need for interaction between yourself and staff at bars or tills.

Can I still save money on restaurants?

Absolutely, especially with the Health Service Discounts Cashback Card which entitles NHS staff to cashback at Pizza Express. Not forgetting the savings you can make at over 40 retailers with your card, meaning you can earn when you spend!

What you can do to stay safe

Remember to continue to wash and sanitize your hands, especially when entering establishments and when you get home. Expect to see regular hand sanitizing stations within restaurants

  • Keep your booking small
  • Avoid commercial cutlery
  • Stay at your table

If you are travelling on public transport to get to your booking, remember to wear face masks otherwise you will not be permitted on. It’s not only to ensure your safety, but that of others too.

Check out some of our great food and drink offers to see where else you can save and remember to sign up for free if you work in the healthcare sector to save on your essentials and much more.

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