Healthy Eating Tips

This Healthy Eating Week,  improve your health with some of our top tips for a better diet and to stay healthy with the food you eat. We’ve put together some great tips to follow to ensure you have a balanced diet, as well as what to avoid and be careful of if you ever feel a little tempted to treat yourself.

5 A Day

We know how important our 5 a day is, so trying to incorporate it as part of a healthy balanced diet shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you get inventive. Smoothies are a great way to mix up your fruit and vegetable intake, why not try frozen fruit blended to create a nutritious and natural drink as an alternative. You can even mix your mornings up by adding some fresh fruit to your cereal. Not only are you getting your 5 a day, but you’re trying and experimenting with new combinations you never knew you liked!

Stop With The Sugar

Natural sugars found within fruit are fine, but it’s the added sugars which can cause complications and contribute to an unhealthy diet. Tooth decay and obesity are just some of the immediate issues with too much sugar, usually found in fizzy drinks, sweets etc. Cutting these out completely will prevent these health issues from arising and focusing on foods with natural sugars and not free sugars should be your priority.

What’s bad for you?

  •  Processed foods are extremely unhealthy
  • Supplements can’t ever replace real foods
  • Refined Carbohydrates are bad for you

Quick Healthy Recipes 

Check out these easy to make recipes that are great for quick meals. Have some recipes of your own that you want to share? Tag us in your pictures or comment below your own tips on eating healthier.


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