Healthy Heart Tips

This heart month, we’re encouraging you to look after yourself and your heart. Whether you’re making small steps to lead a healthier lifestyle or looking to avoid potential risk later down the line, there’s plenty of ways you can improve your heart’s health.

Heart disease & cardiovascular disease is extremely common and can come in many forms including a Heart Attack, Angina, Coronary Heart Disease and Heart failure. CVD is the world’s number one killer according to the world health organisation, so ensuring you take the necessary precautions to help lower your risk is extremely important.

Ten Minute Tips

Setting aside at least 10 minutes each day to look after yourself and your heart is easy to do. This doesn’t have to be any strenuous physical activity, just something to get your heart pumping a little more than usual. A short walk, home exercises, even just being a little more active at work where possible, it all helps aid the health of your heart.

Small Steps, Big Changes

Even just small changes can make the difference in improving the health of your heart. From dietary additions such as more fruit and vegetables to changes in your exercise routines, there are many small and manageable changes you can do.

Keep An Eye On

  • Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Chest Pressure & Tightness

For more information on heart disease, as well as how you can reduce your own risk, check out more at the British Heart Foundation.

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