How to book a holiday with ‘Peace of Mind’

Summer holidays are the best way to recharge the batteries after a busy period at work, but you need to be smart about how you book your breaks.

Protecting yourself against travel company failure is crucial for peace of mind ahead of your holiday with loved ones and people are increasingly recognising the ATOL certificate, which provides proof you are covered.

A campaign by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has raised awareness of ATOL to new heights, with the body’s 2015 Pack Peace of Mind drive reaching millions of people.

You can see their promotional video for this below:

When you are booking NHS discount holidays you need to make sure you are protected, or you might lose your break and your deposit.

With more people than ever booking breaks over the internet, being able to recognise the ATOL certificate is becoming increasingly important.

CAA data now shows that 83% are now planning to protect themselves financially ahead of their next holiday abroad, which is a substantial rise from the figure of 75% recorded in 2014.

Over half (55%) of the people who were surveyed for the CAA report correctly identified that you should receive an ATOL certificate once a protected holiday has been booked online.

Why ATOL matters

Losing your summer holiday can be devastating and for many families it is the time of the year that they look forward to the most.

With household budgets stretched, it is vital you take the necessary steps to protect yourself financially when booking a holiday by securing an ATOL certificate.

Failure to do so means that if your travel company goes bust before you are due to travel, you could lose all the money you have paid, as well as your holiday.

But with an ATOL certificate, you have the peace of mind that even if the worst happens and your travel company is forced to close down, you will get your money back – allowing you to book another package holiday and save your summer.

Deputy director of consumer protection at the CAA David Moesli stated that the number of ATOL protected bookings is continuing to rise year-on-year.

He said it is “vital” consumers know what to look for, especially with more tourists planning and booking holidays online and many overseas travel companies now selling into the UK.

The symbol to look out for when booking holidays is a white circle with a black trim that features the words ATOL Protected.


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