How To Survive Winter Traffic

There’s nothing worse than a delayed journey because of the snow, or being delayed because you’ve spent the last 20 minutes de-icing your car, it’s cold, early and frankly we’d all rather be back in bed.

It happens every year, we know what’s coming and yet it always seems like we’re unprepared and before you know it, you’re frantically trying to defrost your rear window in a bid to get to work on time. That’s why it’s extra important that healthcare staff take the time to plan ahead, just in case of a weather emergency.

The last thing you need is added stress on your journey to work, which is why taking some simple steps could be all the help you need in surviving the Winter traffic.

Set an earlier alarm

Whether you’re a morning person or not, the thought of purposefully setting your alarm that little bit earlier than you have to is a little tedious, but if it means arriving to work on time and staying one step ahead of the winter weather, it’s definitely advisable.

Make sure you’re covered

Hopefully it doesn’t happen, but should you end up breaking down in the poor weather, you’ll be in need of a little bit of help. The AA can be on hand to help you through the Winter and with their AA Breakdown service, no matter the time of day, they’ll be there to assist you on the roadside.

Plan an alternative route

A plan B is always handy. Knowing an alternative route to work could prove to be extremely useful if you’re pressed for time or weather affects your normal route. Keep an idea of where to go just in case you end up needing to divert and take an alternative way. The thought of your usual route being blocked or backed up isn’t a great one, but having a plan B is one solution to your traffic problem.

Winter Essentials

There are some things you should always keep close by, especially in your car, that always help save a bit of time during the Winter months. The ultimate essential is the ice scraper. Easy to store in your glove compartment, it can help you save so much time and avoid sitting there waiting for it to melt.There’s nothing worse when the ice gets inside and condensation covers your screens and interior mirror. Try keeping a dry wipe or a chamois demister pad close by to help quickly get rid of any interior condensation.

Whether you’re looking for savings on motoring essentials or something a little different, our comprehensive NHS Discount List provides all the savings you’ll need, from help this Winter to Summer treats for when the weather improves.

Got some Winter travel tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below!


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