Who needs the latest phone? Here’s why the sensible money is being spent on iPhone 7

Are you ready to upgrade your phone but struggling to decide which one to get?

I’ll be honest, it’s a tough decision, not least because of the expense.

iPhone 8, iPhone X and Google’s Pixel 2 have launched recently but with their pretty chunky price tags, you ask yourself “is it really worth it?”

You might even be considering sticking with the phone you’ve got. After all, you can still see through that cracked screen and the buttons still work… well, some of the time.

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re upgrading, and Apple are certainly very good at luring you in with all their talk of fancy new features on their latest devices.

Now, stop for one minute.

Take a breath and think about it.

Is a more expensive phone contract with a hefty upfront handset cost really what you want? And more importantly, can you truly afford it? If your honest answer is ‘yes’, then that’s great – go for it and enjoy!

But, if you’ve (reluctantly) come to your senses, then we’ve got the perfect phone for you…

Last year’s bright young thing – the iPhone 7.

And I’ll tell you why:

1. The iPhone 7 is a much cheaper option

iPhone 7 Black

The first, most obvious, and most important point; the iPhone 7 is much cheaper than the 8 and the X.

The iPhone X currently weighs in at a whopping starting price of £999. On a contract, you’re looking at around £79.99 per month, plus £99.99 up front.

The iPhone 8 is coming in at around £849, and on a contract for £49 per month, plus £29.99 up front.

In comparison, you can pick up an iPhone 7 using one of our discounts for FREE, with a monthly contract of just £32.99.


2. iPhone 7 looks very similar

iPhone Comparison

Size-wise, there’s not a lot in it. The general look of the phones are very similar too, particularly the 7 and 8.

One of the biggest changes to the iPhone X is the edge-to-edge screen and they’ve removed the infamous Home Button. This does give it a very slick and modern look, but many people are fond of the Home Button and its ease of use.


3. The tech on the iPhone 7 isn’t much different

iPhone 7 Tech

The iPhone 7 is similar to the iPhone 8 and not too far behind the X in terms of tech. It still packs an extremely powerful hardware, with great speed and overall performance.

If you are looking for a phone with blazing fast performance, then obviously the iPhone X is going to outshine the iPhone 7 all day long. But the iPhone 7 still holds its own and you must consider whether this extra kick in performance is worth the additional cost.


4. The iPhone 7 has an aluminium back rather than the iPhone X glass

iPhone X

One big change for the iPhone X is that the back of the phone is now made from glass. This isn’t great news for all the butterfingers out there, because now there’s not one screen, but two that you have to worry about.

The glass back does add a fantastic look and feel to the iPhone X, that you don’t get from the iPhone 7’s aluminium casing. But having extra protection from the foreseeable shattering after a few wines on the weekend could work out cost-effective in the long run.


5. The camera quality is similar for rear, front camera almost identical

iPhone 7 Camera

The camera on mobile phones is a very important part in the decision-making process, everyone needs to take the perfect selfie, right?

You’ll be pleased to hear that there isn’t a great deal of difference between the iPhone 7, 8 and X. They all have 12MP cameras and many of the other features are the same, although the iPhone X has some additional features like Portrait mode and lighting.

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