Keep Your Mobile Number When You Change Network

Keeping your mobile number when you change network is less hassle than you might think.

It can be very frustrating when you buy a new phone and you lose all of your contacts, having to ask all your friends on Facebook for their numbers. Many people don’t realise that its really easy to keep your mobile number when you switch networks, which means you can stay in touch with your friends without any fuss. So, if you’re thinking of buying a new phone you don’t have to worry. Follow these few easy steps and your new mobile will be up and running with your own number in no time:

Choose your new mobile and plan 

New Mobile Plan

There are so many new mobile phone deals out there that it can leave you feeling a little confused. You want the best deal at the lowest price, simple. We work with the top mobile phone providers to get NHS staff the best deals possible. Two great offers that we have for NHS staff at the moment are EE’s Sim Only 20% off and our cheapest free iPhone SE plus cashback.

Ask for your PAC code

Now you’ve chosen your network and got an amazing deal, you need to contact your original network provider and ask for your Porting Authorisations Code (PAC). Your PAC code is usually 9-digits and you’re perfectly within your rights to ask for this. Many providers will give you this immediately over the phone, or you could receive it over text within a few hours.

Contact new network provider

Phone Deals

Now you’ve got your PAC code you need to give this to your new network provider within 30 days. You can either do this over the phone or you may be able to fill in a form online. Don’t forget to have you account details handy.

How long will it take to change?  

Once your new network provider has received the PAC code, your number will be transferred over to your new SIM. This shouldn’t take any longer than 1-2 working days, sometimes sooner. You may lose service briefly while the actual number transfer takes place, however this will only be for a short period of time. After that, you can give all of your friends a call and meet up for a well-deserved drink.

Check out our full list of mobile phone deals for NHS staff and save money today.

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