Keeping Active During Winter Lockdown

It’s official, we are all back into lockdown, just as we are said we would join the gym and start dieting. We all thought summer lockdown was bad but at least we got to sit out in the sun and do garden workouts whereas this time it’s cold, wet and gloomy. However, as much as it makes you want to sit in bed all day, binge-watching Netflix with comfort food, it is so important that you find at least 30 minutes a day to do some form of exercise.

Exercise is an excellent way to boost your endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body improving your focus and mental health.  An example of this is when you’ve done a big workout or been for a run, the feeling afterwards often feels  “Ecstatic” and even though your body may feel sore, you will feel better about yourself for doing it.  In lockdown,  it is suggested that your step count is down by 50% by not going to work and not leaving our houses as much as we might typically do.

We are here to make sure you don’t lose motivation and to give you tips on how to stay active and eat well whilst in lockdown.

Take part in a 30-day challenge

A good way to stay focused and to keep on track of your fitness is by following a 30-day challenge or creating your own. Can’t think of any? Well here are some of our favourites:

As well as fitness challenges there are also 30-day challenges to improve yourself, such as self-confidence, self-care and motivation. Take a look:

Count Your Steps

Who didn’t get a Fitbit or an Apple Watch for Christmas! The NHS advise that we do 10,000 steps a day which sounds like a big target when working from home. A good way to keep on track of your fitness it to try and keep to that target of 10,000 steps a day. If you can’t get outside then try and do some laps around the house or up and down the stairs.

Boost Your Vitamin D

The days are shorter and with us all being stuck indoors during the day we are seeing let natural sunlight. Try and get outside in the morning or on your lunch break to expose yourself to some vitamin D. This will also bring some positivity to your day instead of only seeing it dark outside.

Make Sure You Stretch

Even if you are not doing a home work out, it is important to stretch. With being sat at home more and not getting, stretching can improve your posture and reduce back pain. It will also make you feel more relaxed and less stiff.  Morning stretches are the best type of stretches as they leave your ready to tackle the day ahead.

Do a Home Workout

Are you like us and need o someone telling you what to do to do a successful working? Well, we have found the best online workouts for you to do this lockdown, from Instagram to Youtube we’ve found enough to keep you busy and to get that lockdown bod!

Our blogs don’t stop here! Check out even more tips for keeping fit at home

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