Keeping Fit At Home

Life isn’t quite what it used to be at the moment and we’ve all had to change our routines to help stay safe and support each other in what are difficult times. Trying to recover that feeling of normality is hard, but there are some things you can adapt to not only bring about some normality, but to help you stay fit and healthy, even at home.

Home workouts are an excellent way of keeping healthy, both physically and mentally and can really help provide the respite you need  if you find yourself a little worn out from the repetition of the new norm.

From living room workouts to making the most out of the space in your garden, there’s plenty of home exercises you can do to keep fit at home, as well as some amazing apps and support to help you on your journey.

Exercise Apps

These are perfect for home workouts. Bring a virtual gym instructor into the home and follow instructed fitness routines to stay in shape and feel good. Bring the gym home with Fiit and discover hundreds of personalised workouts tailored just for your needs. Whether it’s a light workout to keep you moving or something a little more intense, you can join in with over 40 scheduled group classes, all which you can do at your own pace. You can even get 50% off premium subscriptions once you’ve tried the 30 day free trial.
You don’t even need equipment to get started, just yourself and a positive attitude! Shredify lets you customise your workouts so you only have to do what you choose, it’s completely unique and tailored to you. Take your workouts to the garden or clear some space inside and make the most of what you have.


Feeling comfortable when working out can keep you inspired to keep going and do even more, and with so much activewear available now, there isn’t an excuse to get some of your own for your own home workouts. NHS staff can save with a variety of clothing including activewear, meaning you can  save on everything from trainers to leggings, sport socks and more, ensuring you’ve got everything you need to keep fit at home.

It’s even perfect for relaxing and being a little lazy if you’re having a “rest” day!

Online Classes

You can take part in online classes on your exercise apps or join in the movement and stay active at home with MoveGB, with over 100 online classes, join group workouts that are fun, get you involved and get you healthy. You can even keep it simple by searching for classes on YouTube for a catalogue of even more workouts you can do at home, with or without equipment.

Check out even more savings on health and fitness and get inspired and motivated to stay fit and healthy at home!
Remember, NHS and healthcare staff in all roles can sign up for free to get access to hundreds more discounts and offers.

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