Where Can Nurses, Midwives & HCA’s Turn When They’re Facing a Crisis?

A crisis can hit anyone at any time in their lives and, more often than not, it’s completely out of the blue.

When someone is facing times of hardship it can be really challenging. It can leave them feeling isolated from family, friends and colleagues, not knowing where to turn.

Nurses, midwives and HCA’s do an amazing job and dedicate themselves to their careers. They look after people every day. But what if something happened to them and they could no longer do the job they were born to do? How can they get help?

Cavell Nurses’ Trust

Cavell Nurses’ Trust offers financial support to nurses, midwives and HCA’s who are facing a crisis. This could be due to ill-health forcing them out of work, they could be suffering from domestic abuse, the effects of older age, a long-term illness or even disability.

Last year, Cavell Nurses’ Trust helped over 1,400 NHS staff, lending a helping hand and a listening ear to everyone that gets in touch. They help people financially and give them the confidence they need to get them back on track.

Their motto is ‘We’re here for nurses’.

The Health Service Discounts Lottery

We’re very proud to support Cavell Nurses’ Trust through the Health Service Discounts Lottery. Since March 2015 we’ve donated over £50,000 to help healthcare workers all over the country through our Lottery scheme. It only costs £1 per week to play and 30p from each play goes towards the great work that Cavell Nurses’ Trust do. To date, we’ve given away £68,939 in prize money and the £600 jackpot is up-for-grabs every week.

Cavell Donations

What do the donations go towards?

The donations that Cavell Nurses’ Trust receive help them to do lots of amazing things for people. This could be helping to make adjustments to peoples’ homes if they’re sick, helping them to relocate if they’re suffering from domestic abuse, or giving them money to help their family if they’re unable to work due to long-term illness. They can also provide grants of up to £1,000 which can make a huge difference to peoples’ lives.

All of the great work that they do is made possible by the generous donations that they receive through schemes like our Lottery and public donations.

If you would like to show your support and help this great cause, whilst having the chance to win our weekly jackpot, click on the image below. HSD Lottery


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