Men’s Health Week 2015

Men’s Health Week 2015

Men’s Health Week 2015 will take place from the 15th to 21st June.

The NHS promotes a number of awareness days throughout the year, and they are effective in raising public awareness of health issues that may affect particular demographics. The prevalence of social media and other online activities within today’s society means that a simple image or blog post can force people to think about their health and consider the implications of their lifestyles.

Men’s Health Week is important as it is proven that men are less inclined to live a lifestyle that is beneficial to their minds and bodies.

In the UK, one in five men dies prematurely, before the age of 65, whilst statistics show that men are more likely to be smokers, drinkers and overweight. These are factors that can lead to serious health implications such as heart problems, cancer and strokes.

The Men’s Health Manifesto aims to focus on prevention of disease by education and raising awareness of this problem, in order to reduce the numbers of premature deaths in the UK. Hopefully they can encourage men to re-assess their habits and become more active in their daily lives.

By creating a healthy living challenge, men will hopefully feel inspired to make positive changes and become healthier, happier and safer individuals.

The more people who take part in Men’s Health Week the better – the lives of many could be saved. Anyone can sign up to the Men’s Health Week challenge via the website: https://www.menshealthforum.org.uk/sign-news-mens-health-forum.

Newsletters, updates, and additional information regarding the different ways to get involved in promoting healthier lifestyles will be sent to everyone who pledges to get involved.

If you are a local or national organisation or employer, your participation in Men’s Health Week could make a real difference in changing the lives of those around you.

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