Mens Health Week – Keep The Conversation Going

This Mens Health Week we’re joining forces and helping to raise awareness of Men’s health and encourage more conversations on the things that might be considered taboo.

This year it may seem more important than ever, with uncertain times having affected all of us, it’s not only our physical health we must be weary of.

It’s Ok To Not Be Ok – Mental Health Stigma

Thanks to outdated stereotypes, men cannot afford to show weakness, they must be strong, refrain from showing emotions, regardless whether that affects us mentally or not. When in reality the strongest thing that can be done is being open and honest with yourself and others. It’s easier said than done opening up and starting a conversation but once that first hurdle is passed, it’s often easier to talk more and be more open.

Luckily times are changing and more people are speaking up about their own issues, no matter how small or large they may seem. Resources are increasingly becoming more available, both online and in-person and more can be found at the Mens Health Forum.

Keep Active

Staying active and keeping fit is not only beneficial for your physical well being, but also for your mental health. Discover how you can keep fit at home as well as some new ways of making keeping active enjoyable.

Here’s 5 steps to get started on keeping active and improving your health:

  1. Have a plan
  2. Don’t only exercise when you’re motivated
  3. Enjoy a balanced diet<
  4. Stop comparing yourself to others
  5. Recognise your accomplishments – no matter how big or small

Fathers Day

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