What Did Your Midwife Mean to You?

International Day of the Midwife is 5th May and to celebrate the fantastic job midwives do, we’re sharing 3 different experiences from 3 very different points of view…

The expectant mum – Danielle, 26, 6 months pregnant

As a first-time mother, I always feel like I’ve got a thousand questions to ask but my midwife is always willing to listen and answer every question.

My husband and I wanted to do something extra special during our pregnancy so we decided to donate the cord blood to Cancer Research using the Anthony Nolan trust. Not everyone is aware of this charity and even less know that you’re doing something so incredible like saving a life by giving birth to one.

My midwife had never heard of this as only four hospitals in the UK are specially trained but she got right on the case and found out all the information we needed to know. She helped us to apply to the Anthony Nolan trust and was fully supportive all the way.

My midwife has being a very valuable and important part of our pregnancy, she’s making it relaxing and enjoyable and always makes me feel at ease.

Midwives helping woman in labour

The “pro” ­– Gill, 40, 3 children

I always looked forward to my antenatal appointments to receive updates on how my pregnancy was developing.  The midwives were informative and reassuring, and even for my third pregnancy I still needed this.

The birth of my first daughter was a full day job, I remember the midwife offering me lots of encouragement and urging me to get pushing, telling me she’d soon be here and then we’d be able to watch Corrie… we missed it!

My second birth was a much faster affair. On arriving at hospital, we abandoned the car with a note saying ‘in labour’ stuck to the window. We got into the delivery room and met the midwife but security soon buzzed to say the car had to be moved, so my husband left to take care of this. I was examined and told not to push or my husband would miss it. Fifteen minutes after arriving at hospital our daughter was born. The midwife said we had the “holiest” birth as my choice of phrase during contractions was ‘holy mary!’

Even at the birth of my third daughter, I said to the midwife that I felt I wasn’t “qualified” to be doing this. She laughed and reassured me ‘come on you’re a pro’.  My husband had been sent home as we were told the birth would be hours away. However, things quickly turned around and I suddenly had the urge to push with my midwife as my only birthing partner. She was certainly more qualified than my husband and with calm direction and reassurance, she guided me through the birth. My husband turned up fifteen minutes later…

The first-time dad ­– ­Neil, 32, 1 child

We had a team of midwives in the delivery suite at the hospital throughout the birth, all providing great support throughout the ordeal… sorry, profound experience.  We had a relatively uncomplicated water birth to start, so it was a matter of chatting and keeping me topped up with a brew to be honest.  My partner it would appear, has a very high pain threshold and was very calm for the most part.

As soon as it became clear she would need some help to get over the finish line, they were quick and clear about what was happening. I can remember feeling relaxed, that they were in complete control and soon enough I was meeting my baby daughter. The home visits we got were also great. I particularly found the matter of fact nature of our midwife, allayed a lot of fears I had and gave us the information we desperately needed as first-time parents.

Midwives and new born baby

Whether you’ve had lots of children, it’s your first baby, you’ve not got children or you’re a midwife yourself, we can all agree that their role is vital and we appreciate the work they do every day. How does your midwife experience compare? Let us know in the comments below! 

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