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National Barbecue Week 2022: Flaming Hot NHS Deals You Don’t Want to Miss!

It’s National Barbecue Week 2022 (BBQ), and that means dusting off your grill (or buying a disposable BBQ from the supermarket) and getting your BBQ on.

Here at Health Service Discounts, we want you to be summer-ready without breaking the bank. We have supersized discounts to help you enjoy National Barbecue Week 2022 in style. From new equipment, outdoor furnishings to summer fashion, you can find our discounts below, or by clicking the button!

What is National BBQ Week 2022?

National Barbecue Week is a time when we celebrate the wonders of cooking outdoors (and the warmer weather). This year, National BBQ Week 2022 is coming back for the 26th time in honour of over a quarter-century of BBQ’ing and Gastro-grilling. 

When is National Barbecue Week 2022?

In 2022, National Barbecue Week takes place from the 4th to the 10th of July. This year, we are celebrating National Barbecue Week, 

How popular is barbecuing in Britain?

Barbecuing is very popular in the UK, especially in the summer months. In 2020, there was a leap in the number of barbecues being helped by cooped-up Brits. An estimated 190 million barbecues are estimated to have taken place in 2020, showing immense growth in popularity.

What country invented BBQ?

Barbecue comes from Taino, which is known as a pre-Columbian Caribbean language. In simple terms, the word describes the method of cooking slices of meat over an open flame. Over time, places such as America became well known for their cooking style. Places such as North and South Carolina, Memphis and Kansas City became known for their own cooking methods and sauces. 

National Barbecue Week 2022 NHS Discounts

Whether you want fancy new BBQ equipment, summer clothes, or even a piece of new outdoor furniture, we have some epic summer discounts to help you celebrate National Barbecue Week UK 2022 in style.


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Aldi Special Buys

Home, DIY, Electrical, whatever you are looking for to upgrade your home, find it at Aldi. Members can use our NHS Aldi Deal today!


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