Can Non-NHS Staff Benefit from Using Health Service Discounts?

We’ve provided discounts to NHS workers since 2001, helping staff make some great savings on their purchases. But recently, we’ve been able to open our discount scheme up to non-NHS staff so that they can benefit from our offers too.

We’re delighted about this because all healthcare workers do an amazing job, regardless of their role and the organisation that they work for.

It’s our little way of saying thank you for doing such a great job and looking after the health of our nation.

Let me explain.

Exactly who is entitled to use our discounts?

  • NHS staff (full time, part time or temporary/bank)
  • GP staff
  • Dental practice staff
  • Pharmacy staff
  • Retirees of any of the above groups
  • Carers (including unpaid, e.g. caring for family member.)
  • Students and trainees (e.g. medical or nursing students)
  • Support Workers
  • Social Care workers
  • Volunteers in the health sector
  • NHS related charities
  • Hospice staff
  • Foundation Trust members

It really doesn’t matter what your role is, if you work for a healthcare organisation then you are entitled to benefit from our scheme.

But all the offers say, ‘NHS discount’ on them?

Please don’t worry about this or let it put you off using an offer.

We’re in the process of updating our website to reflect the changes to our membership. We’ve been working hard to make this clearer on our site and we’ll be announcing some exciting information about this very soon.

Unfortunately, there are still a small number of discounts on our website that are for NHS staff-only, e.g. our Cashback Card. Unless the offer states that you need to enter NHS ID details, provide NHS ID in-store or at the point of purchase, or if it requires an active NHS email address then you can use the discount.

If you have any questions about any of the deals you can contact our Customer Services or send a message on social media.

OK, so what’s the catch?

What's the Catch?

There isn’t one.

It’s free to become a member of Health Service Discounts and it doesn’t cost non-NHS staff a penny to use our offers.

We work with big brands and retailers, which allows us to provide our discounts to healthcare workers free of charge.

You simply choose to use whichever discounts that you like.

How do non-NHS staff sign up?

It only takes a couple of minutes to join and you can start using our discounts right away. Firstly, go to our new member registration page and fill out the details on the form.

Registration Form

You need to select the appropriate member type on the first page of the form. The options are quite self-explanatory, however, if you don’t work in the NHS and don’t match any options, please select ‘Other’.

Non-NHS Staff Members

Follow the instructions on the following pages and then you’re ready to go.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a Welcome Email which provides more information about our discount scheme.

Welcome Email Non NHS

How do I use a discount?

Once you’ve found an offer that you want to use, make sure you’re logged into your account and click on the offer.

To claim the discount, click on the green ‘Get Deal’ button. This will take you directly to our partner’s website to make your purchase as normal and the discount will be added automatically. Further details on each individual offer can be found in the Terms and Conditions section.

Holiday NHS Discount

Alternatively, you may be presented with a voucher code. You need to Copy this code and click the ‘Get Deal’ button again. You’ll then be able to make your purchase and enter the voucher code at the checkout to get your discount.

So, what are you waiting for?

I hope this has ironed out any questions that you may have had about who’s entitled to our discounts and how to use them.

We work hard to bring our members the best deals from the biggest brands to help you save money on your purchases.


Don’t forget you need to be a member to use our discounts. Sign up for free today.

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