NHS Discounts List (Latest Update)

10 of the best NHS Discounts this month

How Does Cashback Work?

  • Travel

    How To Use Your Cashback Card Abroad

    Your Health Service Discounts Cashback Card isn’t only for use at home, when travelling on holidays abroad you’ll be able to use your card like you would any…

  • Lifestyle

    Healthy Heart Tips

    This heart month, we’re encouraging you to look after yourself and your heart. Whether you’re making small steps to lead a healthier lifestyle or looking to avoid potential…

  • Lifestyle

    Mental Health In The NHS

    “Mental Health Is The Main Cause Of Sick Days For NHS Staff” It’s a pretty damning statement about how much of an effect your mental health can have…

  • Travel

    Travel Essentials You Need To Pack

    Travelling this year? There’s nothing quite like that sinking feeling that you’ve forgotten to pack something when you’re halfway to the airport or worse, already up in the…

  • Money Saving Tips

    Do You Need Homecover?

    When it comes to owning a home, it’s always best to prepare for potential disasters. We’re talking a broken down boiler in the middle of winter, a burst…

  • Lady in an airport car park

    The Ultimate Airport Parking Guide

    If you’re planning on travelling abroad this summer the chances are you will be flying from one of the UK’s main airports, such as Manchester, Birmingham, London Heathrow,…

  • How Does Cashback Work?
    Money Saving Tips

    How Does Cashback Work?

    What Is Cashback? With cashback, you’ll get a percentage of what you spend at select retailers back into your account. It’s as simple and straightforward as it sounds. It’s…

  • Travel

    New Year Destinations

    Are you already dreaming of your next holiday? With so many destinations to visit, it almost seems impossible to narrow it down and choose where to travel to…

  • Lifestyle

    The Christmas Health Quiz

    Big fat quiz of the year? More like big fat Health quiz of the year! Test your knowledge to see how much you know about these health &…

  • Lifestyle

    How To Survive Winter Traffic

    There’s nothing worse than a delayed journey because of the snow, or being delayed because you’ve spent the last 20 minutes de-icing your car, it’s cold, early and…

  • Lifestyle

    Butlin’s Live Music Weekends 2020

    Fancy an adult weekend listening to some great live music? Then a Butlin’s Live Music Weekend might be the perfect getaway, where you can relax, have fun and…

  • Discounts

    Black Friday Deals for NHS Staff

    Black Friday. What’s it all about? It’s a crazy time of the year when everyone gets a little bit excited and tries to grab themselves a tasty bargain.…

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    The Best Tech This Christmas

    From the latest gadget must haves to the traditional tech staples, this Christmas check out some of the hottest and most in demand pieces of technology that are…

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    Top 15 Toys for Christmas 2019

    Make Christmas one to remember with the hottest toys direct from Santa’s sleigh and make your little one’s dreams come true. With so many new toys being released…