Why You Should Book Your Dream Summer Holiday Early

Should you book your next summer holiday early to get the best deal, or should you hold out until the last minute? This is a question that’s asked every year, as savvy holiday-makers scour the internet for the best offers.

There are benefits to both, but the answer really depends on your own circumstances. If you have the flexibility to book your summer holiday at the last-minute and you’re not too bothered on the destination, you should be able to get a good deal at short notice.

However, it can be difficult for NHS and healthcare staff to get any time off at short notice. In most organisations, you have to book your annual leave well in advance. If you have kids too, trying to book a last-minute summer holiday in the school break will be very challenging.

Booking your summer holiday early has many benefits, allowing you to be prepared and get on with looking forward to your next dream destination.

Early booking discounts

Summer Holiday Discounts

September-time is usually when all the travel companies release their early-booking offers, such as meal deals, free or highly discounted child places, free night deals and room upgrades. Whether you’re holidaying at home or abroad, these offers can make a huge difference to cut the cost of your trip and you can pick up a bargain. Most of the travel companies also offer really low booking deposits when you book your summer holiday in advance.

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Spread the payment costs

UK Break Discounts

Booking your holiday early means you can spread the cost of your trip over the year. Most booking sites and travel agents offer interest free credit, allowing you to work the payments into your monthly budget, without having to worry about paying more than you should. You can then set up a savings pot dedicated to spending money. You’ll have the best part of a year to save up, rather than frantically cramming a load of overtime into the last few months.

Best destinations and hotels

Summer Beach Holiday

How does having the pick of the best destinations and hotels sound to you? Getting in there early before everyone else means that you’ll be able to go where you really want and you’ll have the best hotels to choose from. It’s very disappointing when you have your heart set on a summer holiday destination but there’s no hotels left in your budget.

Less stress

Relaxing Summer Holiday

Holidays are all about unwinding and escaping the pressures of the everyday hustle and bustle. NHS and healthcare staff are under enough stress and you certainly don’t need any more of it. Leaving your booking until last minute doesn’t give you much time to get into the holiday mood. If you book early, then you’ve got something to look forward to all year and it can help to keep you going through the tough times.

You can see a full list of all our Summer Holiday Early Booking Deals on our website.

What’s your idea of a dream summer holiday? Where would you like to go more than anywhere in the world? Let me know in the comments.

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