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Can’t be bothered cooking after a long shift? We know the feeling. It’s much easier picking up the phone and ordering a takeaway. We all know it’s a little wrong but let someone else do the cooking, put your feet up and just relax. Whether it’s a way to end the working week or something for you to indulge in after a stressful day, the occasional takeaway may be the perfect treat. Especially when you can save money on them!

Here in the UK we all love a takeaway, that’s a given, but in terms of what is the most popular, that’s where the controversy begins. You’ve got your traditionalists who keep it simple with the classic fish and chips or the quick and easy pizza which is more often than not a 2am staple. But throw a Chinese or an Indian into the mix and you might start stirring the discussion pot. Do you favour a balti over a spring roll? Maybe a side of mushy peas is better than garlic bread?

Our top 5 takeaway foods

Well fear not as the public have spoken! It seems that in 2019 Chinese food sits supreme at the top of Britain’s most popular takeaway list. Shocked? When you consider the rise of delivery apps such as Deliveroo (where NHS staff can get £4 off their first order by the way), it comes as no surprise that consumers are looking further afield than their traditional local fish and chip shop for something a little different.

But don’t worry pizza lovers, it’s still the 4th most popular dish when we’re looking for a takeaway, and with availability of Domino’s, Papa Johns and PizzaExpress, you’ve plenty of choice when it comes to grabbing a slice.

The UK’s top five takeaway foods:

  1. Chinese

  2. Indian

  3. Fish & Chips

  4. Pizza

  5. Burger

Chinese Takeaway - Health Service Discounts

Indian food has steadily risen through the ranks, being voted as the 5th most popular in 2016, which begs the question, will we see a new takeaway king in 2020?

Did you know? Friday 7pm is the busiest time to order a takeaway

When ordering, if you want it as soon as possible, it’s best to avoid the peak times. Research has suggested that Friday nights are the busiest for takeaways, with Sundays coming a surprisingly close second. So maybe best to avoid 7pm on a Friday if you’re looking to treat yourself to peking duck or a chicken jalfrezi.

So, we all love a takeaway, but did you know how much we actually spend on takeaways? According to the stats, the average person will spend £80 a month on takeaways, with this increasing to about £107 as you enter London. On average we spend about £1,000 pounds a year on takeaways, with an expected total household expenditure to reach upwards of 11.2 billion by 2021* (*Source: Statista 2019)

Got your taste buds tingling? As a member of Health Service Discounts, you can get discounts and deals on food and drink direct to your door. Meaning those nights in suddenly become even better now you know you’re eating your favourite foods, as well as watching the pennies – even if you’re not watching the pounds.

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Tasty takeaway deals

Make some great savings with our top takeaway discounts and deals:

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