Christmas Donations: Ways to Give Back at Christmas

You will find this post extremely useful if you are looking to make Christmas Donations this year. The festive period is often full of joy and cheer. We purchase gifts, indulge in festive treats, watch seasonal films, and we celebrate with our loved ones. While the festive season is joyful for many, some don’t feel the same way. Christmas is a perfect time of year to appreciate what you have, but more importantly, give back to your local community. We have listed simple ways to support your local community and give back this festive season.

Volunteer at a local food bank

The festive period is a busy period for all of us, including charitable organisations. If you are looking to support your local community, why not contact a local food bank? You can check your local council’s website to find food banks or soup kitchens in your local area that might need your support this year. Whether you can volunteer for 2 hours or 2 days, all support is valid. You can help prep, serve, pack supplies, and make deliveries. You can also support charities by offering telephone and email support over the holidays.

Support Local Business!

Supporting local business is something we should be doing all year round, but especially during the holidays. The festive period is one of the biggest times in the year for businesses, and many of us default to large organisations and chains for our shopping. Local companies need support during the festive season, and more often than not, you’ll find some incredible hidden gems – a fun life hack to remember!

Christmas Donations!

Donating is an excellent way to make a difference during the holidays. You can make a box full of Christmas goodies for children who wouldn’t ordinarily be getting presents, or you could fill it with everyday essentials that we often take for granted. Or why not do both? Everything from clothing, bedding, food, and festive gifts can be donated, so why not see what local charities are requesting and see how you can make a difference?

Take 5-Minutes to check in on a vulnerable friend or neighbour.

Throughout the pandemic, many of us have become closer to those that live around us. We also learned how to use Zoom for trivia night’s, catch-ups and movie nights – and the festive season can be the same. As the nights get darker and the weather shifts, many begin to experience seasonal depression due to a lack of socialisation, so here are some ways to connect with loved ones in an accessible way:

  • Pop round for a friendly chat or for a quick cuppa.
  • If your loved ones live further away, a 15-minute Facetime can make all the difference.
  • Play virtual games, like Heads Up, Charades, or interactive apps and games.
  • Host a virtual hangout with your friends.
  • Make dinner together over Facetime.
  • Start a digital book club.
  • Create a fitness group.
  • Schedule a happy hour.

If you feel festive, why not bake some homemade treats, and share them with a neighbour? Or, if you are after something low maintenance, a simple movie night (in-person or virtual) is always a fun way to connect with loved ones and spend some quality time with one another.

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