Your Views on the Junior Doctors’ Contract Row

The junior doctors’ contract row continues to dominate the news and strikes are underway.

Last-ditch negotiations for new contract proposals recently broke down, as the British Medical Association walked out on talks, saying: “the government’s continued failure to address junior doctors’ concerns about the need for robust contractual safeguards on safe working, and proper recognition for those working unsocial hours”.

We’re very proud to have a great following on social media and we love to hear the opinions of our NHS staff, so we wanted to find out what your views were on the junior doctors’ contract row.

Here’s what you had to say:

“Good luck! Hard enough to work in that environment! At least they should be paid their entitlement!”

“Don’t let it go. You deserve more for the service you provide to the nation with such dedication & care. Jeremy Hunt must NOT win, otherwise we will end up like the USA. Poor will be at the mercy of charities. We as a nation are proud of our NHS and all those who serve in this great organisation. Do not let Jeremy Hunt ruin it.”

“As a nurse I back them 100%. As a member of the public who uses the NHS, I 100% support them!”

“Totally support the doctors. Work long hours, unsocial hours, huge responsibility, hard working. Stop paying the pen pushers and executives big money and pay the people who actually work!”

 “They have studied hard, worked unsocial hours for very little pay as it is. They need backing all the way.”

 “I back them all the way, they work bloody hard.”

 “Support the doctors, the government are lying to suit their own agendas!”

“Take it off them sitting behind a desk pushing pens around, give it to those who truly deserve it, the hard working doctors. 100% good luck.”

“I support them. Being a nurse I wouldn’t mind a pay rise too.”

“Fully behind you and very respectful of your courage. The NHS is something to be proud of, very worth fighting for and your fight is a brave demonstration of this. Craje compañeros.”

Do you have anything that you would like to add about the junior doctors’ row? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook post.

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